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With tax season upon us, many people are looking for ways to spend their hard-earned tax returns. If you’ve considered buying a vehicle, now is a great time to start shopping. There are plenty of used cars on the market that will fit any budget. These seven used cars are some of the best options under $5,000, according to Kelley Blue Book:

7. The 2009 Nissan Sentra

A yellow 2009 Nissan Sentra SE-R compact sedan model
2009 Nissan Sentra SE-R | Nissan Motor Corporation

The 2009 Nissan Sentra has plenty of space for up to five. According to Kelley Blue Book, there is also plenty of standard features, including power windows and locks, cruise control, and air conditioning. Additionally, the 2009 Sentra has two versions of the same engine – with both versions getting up to 200 horsepower.

6. The 2008 Mazda6

If you’re looking for a fun-to-drive sedan, you can’t go wrong with the 2008 Mazda6. It features a comfortable interior design, and there is 15.2 cubic feet of trunk space for all your gear. Additionally, powering this sedan is an efficient four-cylinder engine that delivers good fuel economy.

5. The 2008 Ford Focus

If you need a vehicle with excellent performance capabilities, the 2008 Ford Focus is the perfect option. It offers superior handling and response thanks to its standard five-speed manual transmission. Plus, it features a comfortable interior with roomy seating for up to five.

4. The 2006 Honda Civic

The 2006 Honda Civic can seat five adults and has a wide range of standard features. This eighth-generation Civic has up to 12.9 cubic feet of cargo room in the trunk – so there’s more than enough room for your gear. Additionally, since it’s a Honda, it has good reliability ratings, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

3. The 2005 Toyota Corolla

The 2005 Toyota Corolla is a compact car with room for cargo despite its small size, featuring a 13.6 cubic foot trunk. A responsive four-cylinder engine powers this Corolla while offering good fuel economy, so you’ll save money at the gas pump.

2. The 2005 Honda Accord

Are you looking for luxury without breaking your budget? The 2005 Honda Accord features luxurious interior features and a responsive four-cylinder engine. Additionally, it has 14.0 cubic feet in the trunk, so you can pack up everything you need!

1. The 2005 Toyota Camry

A used Toyota Camry is always an incredible option for savvy car buyers. The 2005 model year sedan features plenty of room for passengers and has 16.7 cubic feet for cargo. It also boasts high-reliability ratings, which is important when considering a used car for your travels. After all, the Camry is arguably one of the most iconic sedans in automotive history.

Which used car is right for me?

Whether you’re looking for something sporty, luxurious, or just plain reliable, there’s sure to be an option among these seven affordable used cars that fits your driving needs and goals. If performance is at the top of your list, consider the Ford Focus or Mazda6. On the other hand, if you want something with more luxurious features, you may want to consider the Honda Accord.

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