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Winter is coming, so there will be snowstorms in certain parts of the country. That means that if you park your car outside, you could have to deal with scraping snow off the car the next day or possibly dealing with the car getting stuck in your driveway or somewhere else. In that case, here are six tips for getting your car ready for a snowstorm.

1. Make sure the car has a full tank of gas

A fuel pump filling up possibly because of bad spark plugs.
Gas pump | Getty Images Photographed by Jakub Porzycki

When preparing your car for a snow storm, it’s important first to ensure that it has a full tank of gas. The main reason is that gas stations may be closed down during a snowstorm, which means that you won’t be able to fill up. Also, if you were to venture out in the storm and get stuck, you want to make sure you have enough gas when you get the car unstuck.

2. Back the car into a parking spot

A car backed into a spot on the street.
A car backed into a spot on the street. | David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Whether you park your car on the driveway, a parking lot, or a garage, it’s a good idea to park it back into the spot. Doing so will give you more visibility when pulling out of the parking spot, and you’ll be able to see any pedestrians or cars going by before leaving.

Also, if you live in a residential neighborhood, the snow plow will likely cause a large wall of snow in front of the driveway. In this case, you’ll be able to drive through the wall more easily when leaving.

3. Make sure your car has enough wiper fluid

This tip is easy enough; to make that your car’s wiper fluid reservoir is topped off with enough de-icing wiper fluid. This type of wiper fluid will allow you to clear the windshield much more easily.

4. Silicone spray can save your car’s door handles and doors

Frosty car door handle
Frosty car door handle | Getty Images

If you’re worried about your car’s door handles and lock freezing over this winter, it’s a good idea to use silicone spray on them. Silicone spray is a hydrophobic fluid that repels water to prevent frozen water from making the door components stick.  

Chris Fix – a popular automotive YouTuber — recommends simply spraying the silicone spray on the door lock cylinders and on the door jamb moldings to repel any water and keep the door from freezing shut.

5. Use a leaf blower to get the snow off the car

A man uses a leaf blower to clear snow off his car.
A man uses a leaf blower to clear snow off his car. | Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post

Are you used to using a snow brush to wipe the snow away from your car? If so, that could damage the car’s paint. Instead, buy a small leaf blower, which can do wonders when clearing off the snow. Especially if the snow is in a soft powder form.

6. Put plastic bags on the windshield and side mirrors

A car is covered with snow and ice after a late autumn storm in New Mexico.
A car is covered with snow and ice after a late autumn storm in New Mexico. | Robert Alexander/Getty Images

To protect the car’s side mirrors and windshield from getting bombarded with snow, it’s a good idea to put plastic bags on them. Use small sandwich bags for the side mirrors and large trash bags for the windshield.

Tips for getting your car ready for a snowstorm

Snow storms are no joke, especially if you have to get into your car and drive somewhere. Fortunately, by following these six tips, you should be able to prepare your car for any impending storms and make use of it when the storm passes.


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