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The Chevrolet Colorado arrived in 2004 as a replacement for the S-10 pickup, which had become a bit long in the tooth. The new Colorado gave us a new name and better build, riding on a larger platform than the S-10. In 2007, the first generation Colorado received a full refresh with a redesign and some impressive upgrades. From that time forward, six of the best Chevy Colorado model years ensued. So, let’s look at the Colorado models from 2007-2012.

1. 2012 Chevy Colorado – 1st generation

The 2012 Chevy Colorado was the final model year of the first generation of this midsize pickup truck. Although it would leave the U.S. market after 2012, Chevy made several equipment upgrades to the Colorado lineup by adding the Power Convenience package to the 1LT trim. The 2LT model received a set of standard front bucket seats.

In addition to a few upgrades, Chevy removed some items, including the manual transmission, which was no longer available for the LT model, and the loss of the 5.3-liter V8 from the 1LT trim. All 4WD versions received a locking rear differential, making this final Colorado more capable on the trails.

2. 2011 Chevy Colorado – 1st generation

The 2011 Chevy Colorado is one of the best model years of this midsize truck. For 2011, Chevrolet added new front seat head restraints and an upgraded version of OnStar 9.0. The Colorado is made to be a tremendous recreational truck, offering owners the benefits of sound power, fuel mileage, and optional 4WD.

If you need a useful pickup that can carry longer items, the 2011 Colorado is a great option. This truck has a rear tailgate that can be set at a 55-degree angle to rest items flat on top of the wheel wells, making it easy to carry longer cargo in this truck.

3. 2010 Chevy Colorado – 1st generation

The 2010 model is one of the best Colorado model years, according to Car Complaints. Only small changes were made to this Colorado, with the V8 engine receiving variable valve timing and head curtain side airbags being made standard on all models, increasing the safety of this pickup truck.

4. 2009 Chevy Colorado – 1st generation

Chevrolet added improved safety features for the Colorado midsize truck for the 2009 model year. This pickup received the benefits of standard StabiliTrak stability controls, a new braking system, and some upgraded equipment. Some of this includes revised wheels, more equipment for the LT trim, and a better Z71 package. In 2009, Chevy made the 5.3-liter V8 engine available for the Colorado in Extended and Crew Cab models.

5. 2008 Chevy Colorado – 1st generation

The 2008 Chevy Colorado is only one year removed from the refresh, which meant only minimal upgrades. This is one of the best Colorado model years and was upgraded with the Safe and Sound package in the OnStar system for the 1LT and Z71 trim levels.

6. 2007 Chevy Colorado – 1st generation

The 2007 Colorado is well-known as the model year with the most changes, receiving a complete makeover when the GMC Canyon arrived. Chevrolet also added two new engines to the Colorado lineup for 2007, giving this truck a 2.9-liter four-cylinder and a 3.7-liter five-cylinder engine. This pickup also received tire pressure monitoring and an improved automatic transmission.

Is the first-gen Colorado a reliable truck?

Yes, these six model years of the Chevy Colorado are reliable and should serve you well. The later models have higher reliability scores than early models and also should have fewer miles on the odometer.

It’s always a good idea to research when buying any vehicle. When considering an older vehicle such as these Chevrolet Colorado model years, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about the individual truck you might want to drive. Just because a truck is from one of these model years doesn’t mean the previous owner cared for it properly.