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As winter turns to spring and the weather begins to warm up, many drivers dream of cruising down the highway with the top down on a convertible. However, safety should always be a top priority when choosing a vehicle, especially considering a convertible. Fortunately, several convertibles on the market offer the thrill of open-air driving and excellent safety features. This article will look at convertibles like the Chevrolet Camaro and four others for the spring 2023 season.

2023 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

2023 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible silver
2023 Chevrolet Camaro | Chevrolet

The 2023 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible sports car delivers an exhilarating driving experience with a turbo four-cylinder or big V8. In addition, it comes equipped with various safety technologies, including a rearview camera, parking sensors, lane departure warning, and forward collision warning. The Camaro also features StabiliTrak electronic stability control and a rear vision camera, which work together to help prevent accidents before they happen.

Additionally, the Camaro Convertible has received high safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. These ratings make it a top choice for drivers prioritizing safety.

2023 Ford Mustang Convertible

2023 Ford Mustang EcoBoost convertible
2023 Ford Mustang EcoBoost | Ford

The 2023 Ford Mustang Convertible is an influential and iconic car with impressive engine options. In addition, the Mustang Convertible has a suite of driver assistance technologies. These include lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking.

The NHTSA gave the similar 2022 Mustang Convertible a five-star overall safety rating, with high frontal and side crash test scores and four stars in the rollover test. Furthermore, the IIHS gave the Mustang Convertible the highest rating of “Good” in all crash tests. These ratings make it a great choice for drivers who value performance and safety.

2023 Mazda Miata

2023 Mazda Miata white
2023 Mazda Miata | Mazda

The 2023 Mazda Miata is a beloved roadster that delivers an exciting driving experience along with a focus on safety. It has many standard safety features, including lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert.

The Miata’s lightweight design and responsive handling also contribute to its safety, allowing for agile maneuvering and quick stops when necessary. As a result, the IIHS has given the 2023 Mazda Miata its highest rating of “Good” in all crash tests, making it a good choice for those who want a roadster with impressive safety credentials.

2019 Nissan 370Z Convertible

2019 Nissan 370Z Convertible Red
2019 Nissan 370Z Convertible | Nissan

The 2019 Nissan 370Z Convertible is an uncommon but excellent choice. While the 2019 model is older, you can still find them new at dealerships. The convertible has advanced safety features, such as automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind-spot warning, and rear cross-traffic alert. These features help to prevent collisions and keep occupants safe.

Although the NHTSA or the IIHS has not yet rated the 370Z Convertible, its impressive safety features suggest it will perform well in crash tests. Overall, the 2019 Nissan 370Z Convertible is a good choice for those who want a fun and stylish car without compromising safety.

2023 Fiat 124 Spider

2023 Fiat 124 Spider white
2023 Fiat 124 Spider | Stellantis

The 2023 Fiat 124 Spider is a stylish, fun-to-drive convertible similar to the Mazda Miata. It has various standard safety features, including blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. The NHTSA gave the 2020 Fiat 124 Spider, similar to the 2023 model, an overall safety rating of four out of five stars, with high frontal and side crash test scores. However, the Fiat 124 Spider did receive a lower score of three stars on the rollover test. Nevertheless, the 2023 Fiat 124 Spider is a decent choice for drivers who want a stylish, safe vehicle.

What is the safest convertible for spring 2023?

In conclusion, choosing a convertible doesn’t mean sacrificing safety for style and thrill. On the contrary, the cars on this list are among the top convertibles. Each offers an exhilarating driving experience and advanced safety features. For example, each vehicle has a suite of driver assistance technologies, such as lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking, which helps prevent collisions and keep passengers safe.

Additionally, the high safety ratings awarded to these convertibles by the NHTSA and IIHS provide further reassurance. Ultimately, with these cars, drivers can enjoy the spring breeze with the peace of mind they are in a vehicle designed to keep them safe on the road.


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