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The Chevy Camaro is an iconic muscle car that delivers aggressive power, driving fun, and amazing speed. When you’re looking for a Chevy sports car that can tear up the track, look cool, or just show off, it’s hard to be that Camaro. What are the most common Chevy Camaro problems, and how do they impact the reliability of this American icon?

Most common Chevy Camaro problems

Unlike some of the more popular vehicles in the market, the Chevy Camaro doesn’t have a long history of owners reporting problems. Still, RepairPal has collected data to show the three most common Chevy Camaro problems are:

  • The car won’t start because of the anti-theft system that uses a raised-chip key – reported by 93 owners
  • Power window motors may fail from overheating – reported by 67 owners
  • Leaking water pump may cause coolant loss and overheating – reported by 52 owners

The total numbers of these three problems barely cross the threshold for using “hundreds” as a descriptor, but it does reach that barrier.

What should owners do with the Camaro won’t start and the security light is on?

When this issue shows up, the anti-theft system using the raised-chip key prevents the car from starting. The fix for this problem is to replace the key and ignition lock cylinder. This problem occurs because the wires in the steering column to the ignition lock cylinder tend to break after 128,000 miles.

How do owners correct the second most common Chevy Camaro problem?

When the door window moves slowly or stops in the middle, the cause could be a failing power window motor. The motor might start working again after the motor cools, but this often means the owner must replace the faulty window motor. This issue has appeared in Chevy Camaro models after 97,000 miles of driving.

What’s the fix for a coolant leak?

If the coolant in this Chevy sports car leaks, the problem could be a leaking water pump. Owners should address this issue right away because it could cause the engine to overheat. The water pump should be replaced to correct the problem. This issue often occurs after 82,000 miles of driving, costing between $820 and $1,022.

Is the Chevy Camaro a reliable sports car?

Blue Chevy Camaro SS Coupe on the road
Chevy Camaro SS Coupe | Chevrolet

The Chevy Camaro receives a reliability score of 3.5 out of 5.0 from RepairPal. This places the Camaro 21st out of 24 models for the midsize car class. RepairPal doesn’t place this Chevy sports car in a sports car class. This ranking is based on three factors which are:

  • Cost – The Chevy Camaro’s average annual repair and maintenance costs are $585 compared to $526 for midsize cars.
  • Frequency – Camaro owners bring their vehicles to the repair shop for unscheduled repairs 0.2 times per year compared to 0.3 for the class.
  • Severity – The probability of severe repairs for the Chevy Camaro is 17% compared to 12% for midsize cars.

Is the 2023 Chevy Camaro a good sports car?

A Chevrolet Camaro coupe and convertible pose for a picture by a cheap hangar.
Chevrolet Camaros | General Motors

The Camaro is fast with any of its engines, providing amazing performance and fun on the road or track. You’ll find available V8 engines, impressive ride quality, and an excellent balance of features to deliver the desired driving performance in this Chevy sports car.

The drawbacks to the Camaro include the low cabin quality, small trunk, and tight rear seats. This sports car doesn’t include the same advanced safety features you might expect to find in a 2023 model-year vehicle.

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