5 Reasons Why Using a Black Car Service is Better than Uber

We all remember using a limo service for prom or for another special event in which we needed to arrive fashionably late, or perhaps, just fashionably. However, in recent years, with ride-share apps becoming popular and now, the norm, it seems that limos and other black car services have all but gone by the wayside. Well, they haven’t, and here are five reasons why you should use one.

Personal Safety

Professional car services put their employees through much more stringent background checks. While other rideshare companies do a background check as well, you can trust a tried-and-true car service to hire much more professional drivers to be at your service. Just be sure to check the ratings and do your research in order to find one that will work best for you.


From the good ‘ol stretch limo to a bigger, and more luxurious SUV, a professional car service will have you covered no matter how big your party is. Looking for a Hummer limo to show up to your favorite bar on your bachelor party? No problem.

By hiring a professional black car service, you can show up in fashion and on time. What better than to have an actual professional chauffeur take you through the city and open your door for you? Just remember to tip them.

Better punctuality

While rideshare drivers aren’t late all the time, it does happen on occasion. However, black car service and limo drivers are held to a much higher standard, so with the extra money comes extra responsibility and better punctuality.

While we don’t live in a perfect world, hiring a luxury car service means that they will strive for perfection since you can make your travel arrangements in advance. This is especially handy if you need to make it to the airport on time.


When hiring a black car service, the drivers are much more dependable. They will not only show up on time and get you to your destination on time, but they will know how to get there. Black car companies train their drivers well and also make sure that they have the most up-to-date navigation tools to get you around the city.

Best value for the money

Yes, we know that a black car service can be just about double what a normal Uber ride would cost, however, it’s the luxury that you’re paying for. Remember, it’s not just about the fancy car that you’re riding, it’s about the whole experience.

You get what you pay for

We are well-aware that rideshare companies like Uber have their own black car service (Uber Black), however, their company policies aren’t as strict when it comes to the type of vehicle used and the type of driver that you get.

We wanted to bring to light that limo and black car services do still exist, and while they might cost more than the average Toyota Prius ride that you can opt for, you get what you pay for. And sometimes in life, you deserve more than just average.