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If you’re looking for a luxury sports coupe, then the 2021 Lexus RC 350 is a great option. It’s comfortable enough for the daily drive and long commutes, but sporty enough for a spirited jaunt through the backwoods. On top of its superb driving dynamics, the RC 350 also has a lot to offer. In addition to an array of luxury and safety features, the Lexus RC 350 also comes with a few hidden features that we found to be really cool. Here are five of them.

The instrument panel moves to reveal a new menu

Watch the instrument panel move on the IS 350. It’s the same on the RC 350. | YouTube

While manufacturers like Audi and Mercedes-Benz gravitate toward virtual instrument panel displays, Lexus is sticking to the tried-and-true mechanical display. It still has some cool lights and graphics, but you can’t configure it too much as you can in competitor’s cars. You can, however, make the center dial move.

When you press the button on the steering wheel for the extra menu, the instrument speed readout moves to the right to reveal a separate screen for the feature menu. OK, so it’s not as cool as Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, but it’s still cool for those that are easily entertained.

The RC 350 has a hidden remote start feature

Holding the key fob up to remotely start the Lexus RC 350 |
Holding the key fob up to remotely start the Lexus RC 350 | Joe Santos

No, it can’t make you coffee in the morning, but it can start remotely so that you have time to make your own. That’s right, the Lexus RC 350 comes with a remote start feature that most buyers — and probably owners – don’t even know about.

According to Lexus, all you need to do to remote start your RC 350 is press the “lock” button on the key fob three times. Then hold the button down for the third time. The car will beep and then the lights will flash after a few seconds. Then the car will start right up.

The non-powered trunk pops open

The trunk popped open on the Lexus RC 350
The trunk popped open on the Lexus RC 350 | Joe Santos

We never really liked powered trunks on cars because it doesn’t make that much sense to put an electric motor on something so small, as opposed to an SUV cargo door. However, the Lexus RC 350’s trunk pops right up when you hit the button on the key fob without an electric motor. It’s a pretty handy feature for when your arms are full of stuff and you need to pop the trunk.

There are tweeters in the rear seats

The tweeter in the rear-seat area
The tweeter in the rear-seat area | Joe Santos

Now that you know that we’re easily amused, you can understand why we think the tweeters in the RC 350’s rear-seat area are really cool. As part of the premium sound system, Lexus craftily installed a group of speakers in the rear area of the car for the best sound possible. So in case, you happen to have any poor souls cram themselves into the back seat area, at least they’ll be entertained.

The Mark Levinson sound system is off the charts

a shot of the The Mark Levinson sound system
The Mark Levinson sound system | Joe Santos

Speaking of the premium sound system, our RC 350 tester is equipped with the Mark Levinson upgraded sound system. This upscale audio system pushes out 835 watts and has 17 different speakers to tune your favorite songs to the best listening experience possible. With this system, music definitely sounds a lot better, even if it happens to be a song that you don’t really like.


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