5 of the Most Useful Car Accessories for a Road Trip

While you might not currently be able to travel much, thanks to the recent pandemic. But one light at the end of the tunnel is that Summer is almost upon us and it’s a great time to take a road trip. Whenever you’re able to get back on the road and experience the cathartic nature of driving to a far-off destination, then don’t forget some of the provisions you might need.

No, we’re not talking about the candy, chips, and countless cans of energy drinks. We’re referring to the accessories that will actually be useful for your next road trip and many more to come. Here five of the best accessories that could prove the most useful.

Rooftop cargo box

In case you have a car filled with people and all their cargo and you need some extra room, we recommend getting a rooftop cargo box. Sure, they might look a little silly on some cars, however, added storage space is always an added plus.

One recommendation would be the Thule Motion XT XXL. With 22 cubic of storage area, this box is sure to provide some added relief to packing for your trip. It mounts easily and even has a SlideLock system that automatically locks the lid when it’s closed.

Thule Cargo Box | Thule

Head-up display

This one might seem like overkill to some, but we like head-up displays and feel like they can be very useful on long drives. Although there are many different options, most head-up displays showcase the vehicle’s speed and a navigation map in order keep the driver informed at all times, thanks to display being right the line of sight.

An affordable option is the Hudway Glass, which is a head-up display stand that uses your own cell phone and a required app to project the vehicle speed and navigation map on the attached screen.

Hudway Glass

Coffee maker

Anyone going on a road trip will most likely need coffee, so we recommend getting a portable coffee maker. It will save you time and money for the duration of the trip and you can make your coffee the way you like it, which means no longer having to endure the watery truck-stop variety.

A Handpresso Hybrid is a great option as it plugs right into the cigarette lighter outlet and can deliver perfect espresso shots in just two minutes.  

Handpresso Hybrid | Handpresso

Radar detector

In case you have a heavy foot, we recommend getting a radar detector. Most detectors nowadays can detect unwanted attention from many miles away and alert you that it’s time to lift off that gas pedal.

Keep in mind that radar detectors are not legal in all states, but if you’re interested, then check out the Escort iX. It offers long-range protection and can save you money (in speeding tickets) over time.

Escort iX | Escort

Rooftop tent

Whether you want to save on lodging costs or just want to be close to Mother Nature, a rooftop tent is a great solution. There are many different sizes and configurations available, however, they typically sleep up to four people and provide a safe and unique way to spend a night, or two.

The Skycamp is one good option as it’s the largest hard-shell rooftop tent currently on the market. It’s easy to set up and can accommodate up to two adults and two children.


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Hit the road

Next time you plan on taking a road trip, consider these five accessories that might make the journey just a little more enjoyable, not to mention, more livable.