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Manual transmissions are a dwindling feature among new cars. However, even with the popularity of traditional automatic transmissions, continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), and dual-clutch units, a few fun sports cars retain a three-pedal option heading into 2024. Check out five fun cars that refuse to give up a manual transmission for the upcoming model year.

A 2024 Toyota GR Supra, like a GR86, retains a manual transmission for 2024.
2024 Toyota GR Supra | Toyota

Some fun cars refuse to give up a manual transmission

Despite manual options and some sports cars disappearing altogether (looking at you, Camaro), some marques continue to produce fun, fast driver’s cars with three-pedal applications.

  • Ford Mustang GT
  • Honda Civic Type R
  • Toyota GR86
  • Toyota GR Supra 3.0
  • BMW M2
A 2024 Ford Mustang shows off its updated interior and manual transmission.
2024 Ford Mustang GT interior | Ford

However, these aren’t the only manual options on the market. For instance, the Mazda MX-5 Miata has enjoyed a long tenure of drop-top, row-your-own manual transmission fun. It’s likely that when the model returns for the 2024 model year, owners will be able to enjoy Joie de Vive alongside a six-speed manual gearbox. 

Will the 2024 Mustang have the Tremec transmission?

While the 2024 Ford Mustang GT will offer a six-speed manual transmission, it has some issues. First, the Mustang GT will not have a Tremec TR-3160. Instead, the Coyote-powered GT will carry over the Getrag-sourced MT-82, a unit with a reputation for premature wear and failure. 

A 2024 Ford Mustang shows off its convertible top and manual transmission by the beach.
2024 Ford Mustang GT Convertible | Ford

Also, Ford dropped the manual transmission from the 2.3L four-cylinder EcoBoost models. As a result, the most affordable Mustang with a manual is the GT, which starts at $42,495. Of course, for sports car fanatics who want a cutting-edge ‘Stang, the all-new Dark Horse gets the Mach 1’s notchy, track-ready Tremec TR-3160 six-speed. 

Can you get a 2024 Honda Civic Type R with an automatic transmission?

If fans want a 2024 Honda Civic Type R with anything other than a six-speed manual transmission, they’ll be disappointed. The 11th-generation Type R is manual-only. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing; the Type R is a hot hatch through and through, from its manual gearbox to its 315-horsepower 2.0L VTEC engine. 

A Honda Civic Type R shows off its aluminum stick shift knob and interior.
Honda Civic Type R | Honda

What transmission options does the 2024 Toyota GR86 have?

Toyota says the GR86 will offer a six-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmission for the 2024 model year. Despite the ease of living with the shiftable automatic unit, we’d have the proper three-pedal setup all day. 

A 2024 Toyota GR86 shows off its Trueno livery and six-speed manual transmission.
2024 Toyota GR86 Trueno Edition | Toyota

Moreover, the GR86’s manual transmission, noisy 2.4L flat four-cylinder engine, and slide-happy rear-wheel drive (RWD) establish it as a serious driver’s car. However, the GR86 is a twin; the Subaru BRZ is a mechanical companion to the Toyota-badged model and also boasts a manual option.  

Can you order a 2023 Supra manual?

Fans of the iconic GAZOO Racing can order a 2024 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 with a manual gearbox. However, the six-speed manual transmission is only available with the turbocharged 3.0L inline six-cylinder, not the 2.0L trim. 

Like the upcoming S650 Mustang models, leaving a manual transmission option off the menu for the entry-level trim means the cheapest trim with a three-pedal application is the GR Supra 3.0. Unfortunately, the GR Supra 3.0 starts at around $54,095, per TrueCar.   

The 2024 BMW M2 will be one of the last manual-equipped BMW performance coupes

Along with other M cars like the M3, the 2024 BMW M2 represents a dwindling number of sport coupes and sedans with optional manual transmissions. In the M2’s case, driving fanatics can still option a six-speed manual unit with their second-generation model. Of course, the M2’s tire-eviscerating 453 horsepower is better tamed by a quick-shifting eight-speed automatic.

Which of these rowable rides would you love?


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