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The harsh winter weather can do quite a number on the interior of your car. Luckily, some accessories are available for purchase that can help protect it from snow, cold, and moisture. Winter-proof your car’s interior with these items, and you won’t have a worry in the world, especially if you’ve got a big family hopping in and out with tons of snow on the ground.

What makes accessories good for winter-proofing a car’s interior?

Red 2021 Ford F-150, buy accessories to winter-proof your car's interior before it's too late.
2021 Ford F-150 | Ford

According to Motor1, most of the time, people focus on winter-proofing the exterior of their vehicle. However, the cold and dampness that comes with snow and winter weather can also damage the interior. Those who head into the winter well-equipped will have no problem managing these issues. It’s much less expensive to prepare your car’s floors, seats, and electronics ahead of time than to fix them later. Take a look at the best accessories to winter-proof the interior of your car.

1. Rubber weatherproof floor mats

One of the most affordable but effective things you can purchase is rubber floor mats. Not only do these protect your carpets from water, snow, and dirt, but they keep salt and chemicals from damaging the interior. This is very important as carpets can easily get stained or damaged in other ways from these products. Even just excessive wetness can cause your car’s floor to become discolored, stained, or more.

The great thing about rubber floor mats is they’re easy to find for your vehicle. Most automakers sell ones that are specifically made for your make and model. If you don’t want to pay for the OEM product, loads of aftermarket solutions fit the bill. Many third-party manufacturers make mats for specific models or options that will fit anyway.

2. Cargo liners are one of the best accessories to winter-proof a car’s interior

The trunk of the AMG A35, buy accessories to winter-proof your car's interior before it's too late.

Basically the same concept as rubber floor mats, but for your trunk. Especially those who often store things in the trunk in the winter. If you’re a frequent traveler or outdoorsy person, you’ll want to invest in a cargo liner. Owners can easily throw things like snow shovels, boots, even snowboards into the trunk of your vehicle with a cargo liner inside. That way, the carpeted interior isn’t damaged by the weather.

These are usually made specifically for your make and model along the same lines as the rubber floor mats. Automakers will sell them, and they’ll usually have a logo or something for your vehicle, making them even more authentic. However, those can be more expensive, so aftermarket options are always a more affordable alternative.

3. Car seat covers

2021 Iso Rivolta GT Zagato, buy accessories to winter-proof your car's interior before it's too late.
2021 Iso Rivolta GT Zagato interior | Mecum

Car seat covers aren’t costly and can effectively protect your seats from snow, water, dirt, and chemicals. They’re also much more affordable than having your car’s seats reupholstered or repaired. Interior repairs can be costly, and finding a skilled upholsterer can be difficult. In addition, seat covers can make an already damaged seat look brand new again.

Like the floor mats and cargo liners, seat covers are usually made for your make and model. While these don’t need to be as specific, check measurements before purchasing. Most seats are at least close in size, but it never hurts to double-check before spending money.

4. Upholstery and fabric cleaners can help fix a car’s interior that isn’t winter-proof

If you’re looking to clean up the interior of your car after it’s already taken damage, look into some of these products. There are interior car cleaners made for the fabric, upholstery, and carpet inside your vehicle. Using other cleaning products can stain or damage the materials, so make sure to buy the right type. These are great for light stains, minor discoloration, or even winter salt that won’t come off the floor.

It’s a good idea to go through your car with cleaning products like these before installing other accessories. Ensure the floor, seats, and cargo area are clean, then place protection inside. This way, when springtime comes, you’ll remove the liners and discover a brand new-looking interior.

5. Aftermarket heated car seats will winter-proof a car’s interior for the driver

Black and white seats in 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone, buy accessories to winter-proof your car's interior before it's too late.
2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone interior | Toyota

This one is more for winter-proofing the driver’s comfort than the actual car’s interior. If you choose not to pay for heated seats in your vehicle, there are other options. Best of all, aftermarket heated car seats are remarkably affordable, especially compared to packages from manufacturers. Usually, packages including heated seats from an automaker can cost a few thousand dollars. Aftermarket options can cost as little as $20, depending on the size and the quality of the product.

These are usually not custom-made for a specific make and model. However, there are many different sizes and outlet requirements, so be sure to do your research. Some might require a 12V outlet, a cigarette lighter, or some other power source. Cars without proper power won’t be able to get supply heat to the car seat.

In conclusion, there are plenty of accessories that are great for winter-proofing your car’s interior. Avoiding damage from snow, dirt, debris, water, salt, and chemicals is very important. It’s less expensive to buy items like these than to repair your car’s interior down the road. Don’t go into the cold winter weather unprepared.


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