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Shopping for used cars can be a great way to find a functional and affordable vehicle. Owning a used car does not have to mean compromising on quality, either, as there are plenty of top-quality used options out there. Here are five of the best used luxury cars out there today, and you can find all of them for less than $20,000.

Used car lot featuring several cars for sale
Used car prices are expected to drop in 2023 | Getty Images

2015 BMW 2 Series

The BMW 2 Series has a reputation for featuring both fun handling and a luxurious feeling, and you can find a 2015 model for less than $20,000. According to U.S. News, the 2015 BMW 2 Series sells for as little as $16,384 today. 

In its review of the car, U.S. News states riding in the 2015 BMW 2 Series is a fun experience, and it also has great reliability. For a used luxury car, this reliability is important, as it means that buyers can still expect the 2015 model to perform well.

The only downside to this BMW is that while base models can be found for under $20,000, some trims will likely cost more. 

2012 Lexus CT Hybrid

The Lexus CT Hybrid is a quirky hatchback with excellent fuel economy. Drivers can expect to get 43 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway in the 2012 model. In terms of price, the 2012 Lexus CT Hybrid goes for as low as $10,213.

If a driver wants to save a bit more, though, they can choose the 2011 model, which U.S. News rates similar to the 2012 version.

While the fuel economy and price of the 2012 Lexus CT Hybrid are two selling points, U.S. News points out that this used luxury car does have a few downsides. Drivers who expect their cars to have stellar acceleration will likely be disappointed by this Lexus. Also, due to the car’s small size, the back seats do not have a lot of space.  

2013 Audi A4

For a four-door luxury sedan that won’t break the bank, the 2013 Audi A4 is more than capable of getting the job done. The A4 shows off Audi’s signature style, and the 2013 model can be found for just $12,758.

U.S. News states that the 2013 Audi A4 handles quite well and also has a comfortable ride. The car’s interior quality is also a highlight, so if you are interested in a used car that still feels luxurious, the A4 will make a good choice.

Its only real downsides involve its rear seats and infotainment system. Despite having four doors, U.S. News highlights how the rear seats are cramped. The infotainment system, meanwhile, is not intuitive, and it will likely feel outdated compared to newer cars.

2009 Audi A3

Even though the 2009 Audi 3 is the oldest model on this list, there is still a lot to love about this used luxury car. First of all, the Audi A3 offers almost unbeatable value even compared to other cars on this list. On the low end, the 2009 model can be found for $4,041. For a fully-loaded model, U.S. News expects buyers to pay around $7,094, which is still quite reasonable. 

Value isn’t the only reason to consider a 2009 Audi A3, though. This luxury hatchback has a sleek design that still looks modern 14 years later. U.S. News states in its review that the 2009 model is impressive in both its performance and interior quality. Leather seats are standard for this Audi, and you can even find all-wheel drive models. 


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