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One of the most important things SUV owners should do is change their car tires when needed. While knowing the best tire brands is essential, the same is true for the worst. Many may be tempted to go with cheap tires online. While some might be decent, others could become worn out too soon. Here are 4fourof the worst tire brands for your vehicle. 

Chaoyang is one of the worst tire brands

Chaoyang is one of the most significant tire brands where quality isn’t the focus. The company actually has a pretty long history, as it has been around since 1958. However, most of their time in business was devoted to bicycle tires. It’s only been recently that Chaoyang stepped into the world of making car tires. 

People in a pinch might be tempted to order their tires from the internet. Cheap online tires aren’t always bad, but car tires from Chaoyang are considered a risky investment. The main problem is that the rubber used to make them is of low quality. Because of this, they more easily burst or become punctured. 

Geostar makes bad car tires

A group of tires. You'll want to avoid the worst tire brands.
Four tires | Pia Bayer/dpa (Photo by Pia Bayer/picture alliance via Getty Images

If you’re searching for new tires for your vehicle, Geostar may not be a great option. Though some online don’t think they’re the worst, these tires are said to become worn down quickly. Not only do Geostar tires not last, but they’re also not great in snow or other dangerous weather conditions. There are also reports of these tires causing the vehicle to violently vibrate when driving.

There are worse tires out there than Geostar. However, these may not be the ones if you are looking for car tires that will last and perform in various weather conditions. 

Accelera tires are not usually good

A pile of tires. Avoid the worst tire brands.
A pile of tires | Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Regarding advice for new tires, Accelerate is another tire brand that isn’t the best. Some may say this brand isn’t nearly as bad as others. However, they also have horrible grip. In addition, there are online complaints about the tires having long braking distances. Another problem with this brand of tires is that they are said to roll in curves. 

Accelera car tires are also generally deficient in the rain and wet conditions due to poor grip. Some people may trust them for their vehicles, but they are generally not a smart bet. In addition, these tires are not equipped to hold up to wet surfaces and harsh weather conditions.

Goodride tires are among the worst tires

Goodride tires are another brand that isn’t highly recommended. Like others on this list, they come at a reasonably low price. However, Goodride tires don’t last very long, making them not worth the money. In addition, they are both unstable and don’t drive well in wet situations. These tires also could have a much better grip, especially in curves. They aren’t the absolute worst, but they’re not great.

Recommendation for a good and inexpensive tire

A group of tires. You'll want to watch out for the worst tire brands.
A group of tires | Jared C. Tilton/ via Getty Images

People often pick the tires on this list because they are cheap. However, though most of the best tire brands are expensive, some are more affordable. One example is General Tire. The company makes tires for all sorts of vehicles and has a great reputation. 

When looking for a good car or SUV tire, it’s essential to look into the model of the tire. Though some brands can be considered altogether bad, some good companies also make terrible tires. According to Car and Driver, you should also understand the type of tires your vehicle needs. This means looking into the specific tire is essential, even if it’s from a more expensive or well-known brand. It’s also important to realize that tires are too crucial to road safety to invest in poorly made options. 

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