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High reliability ratings matter when car shopping. These ratings are associated with reduced risk of vehicle breakdowns, accidents, and costly repairs. If you’re looking for a new Nissan, here’s what RepairPal considers the four most reliable Nissan models.

1. Nissan Rogue Select

A 2014 Nissan Rogue Select, which is 1 of the most reliable Nissan models.
2014 Nissan Rogue Select | Nissan Motor Corporation

Before delving into RepairPal’s most reliable models, it’s important to note how they evaluated reliability. Every publication assesses vehicle reliability somewhat differently. RepairPal determined its reliability ratings based on each vehicle’s average repair cost, the annual frequency of unscheduled repairs, and the severity of the repairs.

RepairPal awarded the Nissan Rogue Select, and all of the Nissans they ranked, four out of five stars for reliability, marking it as a vehicle with above-average reliability. They also found that the average repair cost of a Nissan Rogue Select was just $436. That’s less expensive than the $521 average RepairPal estimated for all compact SUVs, and the $652 they found was the average annual cost for all repairs.

RepairPal also estimated that Rogue Select owners needed to bring their vehicles in for unscheduled repairs an average of 0.28 times per year. That’s less than their 0.3 times per year estimate for all compact SUVs and 0.4 estimate for all vehicles. Further, RepairPal estimated that the likelihood of severe repairs was 10%, 1% less than that for compact SUVs on average and 2% less than for all vehicles.

Overall, RepairPal ranks the Rogue Select fourth in the compact SUV segment for reliability out of 26 vehicles evaluated.

2. Nissan Versa

Compared to the Rogue Select, the Nissan Versa’s annual average repair costs were slightly higher. RepairPal found that the average yearly costs for a Versa were $456, the same as the average for all compact SUVs, but less than the $652 estimated cost for all vehicles. It’s ranked ninth in the compact SUV segment for reliability.

Versa owners must bring their vehicles in more than the average compact SUV owners. RepairPal’s estimate was 0.37 times per year. That’s 0.07 more times than other compact SUV owners on average but 0.03 times less than all vehicle owners on average.

Versa shared the Rogue Select’s probability of a repair being severe. RepairPal noted the risk was just 10%, compared to 11% for all compact SUV owners and 12% for all other vehicles.

3. Nissan Versa Note

Despite its similarities to the Nissan Versa in name, price, and features, the Nissan Versa Note differs in cost, frequency of repairs, and repair severity. The annual estimated repair cost is $445, less than the $456 average cost estimate for both the Nissan Versa and all compact SUVs, and much less than the average estimated repair cost for all other vehicles. RepairPal ranked it 11th in the segment for reliability.

Nissan Versa Note owners need to bring their vehicle in for repairs just 0.26 times per year, much less than the 0.37 times per year that Versa owners need to. Versa Note owners also visit their mechanics less than other compact SUV wonders (0.3 times per year) and all other vehicle owners (0.4 times per year).

However, despite these great estimates, the likelihood of a Versa Note’s repairs being severe is slightly higher than the average in the segment. RepairPal estimate the probability of a severe repair at 12%, 2% more than that of Versa owners, and 1% more than that for subcompact cars. This 12% average is the estimate for all vehicle owners.

4. Nissan Sentra

Ranked 14th (out of 36) in the compact car segment, the Nissan Sentra also enjoys favorable reliability rankings. The Sentra’s annual estimated repair costs are $491, compared to the $526 average for compact car owners and $652 for all vehicle models.

Sentra owners have to bring their cars in for repairs just 0.23 times per year, which is less than the 0.3 average in the segment and the 0.4 estimate for all vehicle owners. However, Sentra owners have the same probability of a repair being severe as all vehicle owners: 12%. In contrast, compact car owners have only an 11% probability of a car repair being severe.

Still, the Sentra’s figures have justifiably earned it a high reliability rating. In fact, it’s easy to see why Nissan models earned high marks in this regard. If you’re looking for a reliable brand, Nissan is undoubtedly one you can count on.