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If you live close to a beach, you may be compelled by the sound of crashing waves and the smell of saltwater to take up surfing. Many are shocked to see just how long a surfboard is up close, as the boards can range from anywhere from 5 to over 10 feet in length. This could make them a potential hassle to transport, especially if you have a smaller car. The ideal car for surfers should have good cargo space, roof storage options, and a wide length to accommodate any surfboard.

Here are a few cars that can handle carrying a board or two, according to Instamotor.

Ford Flex

While the Flex doesn’t score as high as its competitors in terms of fuel efficiency, it has one of the best cargo holds in Ford’s lineup. Thanks to its boxy shape and flat-folding seats, you can keep large items in the back with no issues, even surfboards.

If you’d rather store your surfboard topside, the Flex’s long roof can be easily outfitted with roof racks. It can also be purchased with a power liftgate to make loading and unloading easier.

This mid-size SUV also features a large cabin area, cloth seating, and a capable V6 engine. If you need to take a breather between waves, the Flex comes with a great audio system and power outlets for charging your mobile devices to keep you entertained while you relax.

Volkswagen Bus

These models may be a little dated and don’t have as much power as modern cargo vehicles, but it only takes one look to see that it’s an ideal car for surfers. Also known as the Type-2, this vehicle came in minibus or 4-panel van trims. The doors were on a sliding frame to make it easier to access the cargo inside. The bus measured 177.4 inches in length, with a cargo capacity of 2,205 pounds.

Some may be turned off by the retro appearance of the Bus, but it definitely has some aesthetic appeal. The only downsides are that it may be difficult to find on the market and could potentially need a lot of repairs and maintenance.

Ford F-150

Pickup trucks are the obvious choice for someone who needs a lot of space in the back for work materials or tailgate parties. Another added benefit to pickup trucks is their offroading power, allowing you to drive through rough terrains to find the next secret surf spot.

While you have a lot of options when it comes to pickups, we recommend the Ford F-150. It has a few different powerful engine options (including an Ecoboost V6 on some trims), a spacious and comfortable interior, and is considered one of the safest pickup trucks on the market.

For the most space, try to find a used or new model from 2015, which has a cargo box of 96 inches in length.

Subaru Crosstrek

Subarus are great vehicles for the offroading and eco-conscious consumer. In addition to being able to handle the rough terrain of the coast, the Crosstrek has one of the best cargo capacities in of any Subaru. With the rear seats folded down, surfers have 55.3 cubic feet of storage that can easily fit a surfboard inside. Additionally, all Subarus come with a roof rail system so that you can attach even more boards to the top of your car.

For passengers, the seats are comfortable and have a good amount of legroom for you to stretch out as you make your commute to the shores. It also comes with a good amount of tech features, including a Wi-Fi hotspot. This combination of utility and comfort makes it a great car for any surfer.