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Buying a used car or truck can prove to be a stressful situation for anyone. Since the Toyota Tacoma has been on the market for a long time, the options can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you make an informed decision when buying a used Tacoma.

How many miles can a Toyota Tacoma last?

Your Toyota Tacoma can last a long time with proper maintenance. If you are interested in buying a used pickup truck, be sure to ask for maintenance records. A well-maintained truck is a safe bet, even if it has a lot of miles already.

There are many ways to buy a car these days: private party sales, certified-pre owned vehicles, CarMax, AutoTrader, and regular dealerships. If you plan to buy from a dealership or get a certified pre-owned truck, records should be easy enough to get.

If you plan on buying from a private party, it might be a bit more complicated. The rule of thumb is that someone who properly maintains a high-mileage vehicle will probably have proof of maintenance.

Your car or truck can last well into the 200,000-mile range if it is maintained. The Tacoma is a reliable choice, but be sure to find the right truck for your needs and budget!

Budget accordingly

It is a good idea to budget for repairs when factoring in the cost of the Tacoma. Add $1,000+ or so to the price so that you can do some repairs when you get your new (old) truck. Sometimes a new truck might only need fluids or new wipers, but others will require more.

Be prepared to do a full service on the vehicle once it belongs to you. Most vehicles would benefit from a new suspension system after that long. New fluids, suspension, and a few other odds and ends will increase the automobile’s longevity once it is in your hands.

In fact, some late ’90s and early ’00s Tacomas needed a frame replacement via recall. Be sure your truck has proof of this if it falls into that category.

Check for rust

Depending on where you live, rust can be a huge issue. Trucks in Florida are less likely to rust, but ocean water can also impact vehicles. Inspect the frame and check for rust.

The frame can also rust from the inside out, so be sure to do a thorough check. There was a major recall on 2005-2010 Tacomas for rust, according to Forbes.

Do a test drive to see how the truck drives. Note any vibrations or dashboard lights. Press all of the buttons! Your vehicle should come with an extended history if it is an older model. Oil changes and fluid changes are an important part of routine maintenance.

A newer truck doesn’t always mean fewer issues. A well-maintained 15-year-old truck will probably last longer than a poorly maintained new truck.

Do your research

If you find a particular year of Tacoma that looks like a good deal, check it out online. There are many resources to help make an informed decision.

J.D. Power ranks many cars, trucks, and SUVs based on how satisfied owners are. The dependability study specifically studies how reliable vehicles are after three years.

You can also check places like Consumer Reports, Edmunds, and owner forums like Tacoma World. You should be able to check about the frame recall notice on any of these websites.

You can enter the VIN on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website to see if the truck was a part of any recalls.

Check with your insurance company before making your decision. Depending on the age of the truck, some companies might not insure a 25-year-old truck.


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