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Picking out a new car or SUV can be overwhelming due to the number of options out there. Consumer Reports rounded up the best reliable and fuel-efficient luxury midsize SUVs for 2022. Check out the sport utility vehicles from Porsche, BMW, and Lexus that Consume Reports says are perfect for “around-town drives, commutes, and longer trips.”

The Porsche Cayenne is one of Consumer Reports’ best luxury midsize SUVs

Fuel-efficient luxury midsize SUVs
The 2022 Porsche Cayenne SUV in a dark room | Porsche AG

The list of reliable and fuel-efficient luxury midsize SUVs isn’t long, but the 2022 Porsche Cayenne made it. Consumer Reports gave the luxury SUV a score of 75 out of 100 overall, which is relatively high for this segment. The Cayenne sport utility vehicle did well on the road test and received an above-average score for the predicted owner satisfaction.

With 21 mpg overall, this luxury midsize SUV from Porsche has a bit of a rough ride. That may or may not be expected from a performance-based SUV. Forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency braking (AEB) are standard on the 2022 Cayenne. Blind-spot warning (BSW) is called Lane Change Assist for this brand, but it is only optional.

Price Range:  $69,000 – $180,800

The BMW X5 is another reliable luxury midsize SUV

As far as luxury midsize SUVs go, the 2022 BMW X5 has a lot to offer buyers. Consumer Reports actually gave it a 90 out of 100 overall and an above-average score on the road test. The predicted reliability was average, while the predicted owner satisfaction was above-average.

During testing, the 2022 X5 midsize SUV returned 23 mpg overall. In fact, Consumer Reports said, “The X5 is one of the best vehicles we’ve ever tested. With a “whisper-quiet” cabin, luxurious interior, and 335 hp, the BMW sport utility vehicle does it all. Plus, FCW, AEB, and BSW are all standard.

Price Range:  $60,600 – $106,100

Don’t overlook the Lexus RX

Lexus is just the luxury version of Toyota, which means the 2022 Lexus RX is about as reliable as it gets. The RX 450h hybrid gets 29 mpg overall on Consumer Reports testing. The gas-only version returned 22 mpg overall, which is still pretty good. The RX scored 83 on 100 overall and received above-average scores on the road test, predicted reliability, and predicted owner satisfaction categories.

The RX is known for being a comfortable and quiet luxury midsize SUV. It comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay these days. Lexus included many driver safety features standard like FCW, AEB, and BSW.

Price Range:  $45,920 – $58,110

There might not be a lot of options that are reliable and fuel-efficient luxury midsize SUVs, but these will get the ball rolling. Porsche, BMW, and Lexus are known for luxury offerings and reliability, making a big difference in this segment. Keep up with regular maintenance, and your new sport utility vehicle should last a long time.


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