3 Reasons to Avoid the 2021 Toyota Tacoma

Wait, what? Reasons to avoid the 2021 Toyota Tacoma?! How can this be? It’s the best selling midsize truck! Well, critics and drivers have found a few drawbacks that might make you consider buying a Toyota Tacoma rival instead. 

3 Reasons to avoid the Toyota Tacoma 

First, for a little background on the 2021 Toyota Tacoma, it has an MSRP of around $26,150, making it competitively priced against rivals. However, this will depend on various dealership markups. 

2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro off-roading
2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro | Toyota

Not much is now for the 2021 model year. Toyota did launch the new Tacoma Trail Edition, but you’ll be extremely lucky to snag one. Only 7,000 Trail Edition models are available, but it doesn’t seem as off-road capable as the TRD Pro. 

1. The 2021 Toyota Tacoma is uncomfortable 

According to U.S.News, the 2021 Toyota Tacoma doesn’t have the best ride. It’s firm, stiff, and has a bumpy ride that can be annoying for passengers. A fully adjustable 10-way seat can help the driver create a comfortable position, at least. 

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There is wind noise in the cabin, making it tough to hold a conversation. If you want comfort, go for the Chevy Colorado or Honda Ridgeline. Also, the Toyota Tacoma has grabby brakes that can result in a scary nose dive with hard stops. 

The Tacoma doesn’t exactly have a sporty drive, but the power is adequate for daily use. The transmission also provides smooth shifts. Where the Toyota Tacoma shines is off the pavement, making it an excellent off-roader but an OK daily driver. 

2. The Toyota Tacoma is a little weak 

Compared to rivals, the Toyota Tacoma is a little weak. It has a 2.7-liter four-cylinder base engine with 159 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. This seems slow for the legendary best selling truck. But you can also upgrade to the 3.5-liter V6 engine for 278 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. 

A 2021 Toyota Tacoma parked on sand
2021 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

The Tacoma can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 10 seconds, which isn’t terrible or exciting. It can also tow up to 6,800 lb and carry a payload of up to 1,620 lb. Meanwhile, the 2020 Ford Ranger can tow up to 7,500 lb and carry a payload of up to 2,128 lb. 

Plus, the Chevy Colorado can tow up to 7,700 lb and carry a payload of up to 1,590 lb. So, while the Toyota Tacoma is the best rock crawler until you bring the Jeep Gladiator into play, it might not be the best work truck. 

3. The 2021 Toyota Tacoma is a little small 

Generally, when people need a family truck, they go for a full-size option. But those with one to two kids can get away with a midsize truck. However, the new Toyota Tacoma might not be the best option. It has a tiny rear seat. 

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro off-roading in dirt
2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro | Toyota

In fact, only the driver seat is noted for being spacious. A rear-facing infant seat may compromise front passenger space too. If you need to fold the rear seats down, it’s a bit of a hassle, and the storage bins can only accommodate smaller items.