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The 2023 Genesis GV60 is the first all-electric SUV offering from Hyundai’s luxury brand. As it transitions into a full lineup of EVs, Genesis still has to work out the kinks. Although the experts at Consumer Reports had a lot of nice things to say about the GV60, it wasn’t all perfect. Here’s what CR doesn’t like about the new Genesis EV, which are a few reasons to avoid it.

Avoid the Genesis GV60 if you want a premium interior

A white Genesis GV60 parked indoors.
Genesis GV60 | Getty Images

If you’ve been a Genesis customer or have followed along with the automaker’s journey, you expect excellence. Reviewers love Genesis models’ premium interiors, often comparing them to much more expensive models. They’ve been so upscale that many models have won awards over the last few years. However, the new GV60 EV doesn’t spoil drivers and passengers as much as other offerings from the automaker.

To be more specific, Consumer Reports dislikes the GV60’s flimsy plastic mirror adjuster, shiny black trim that’s easily scratched, and matte silver finishes. Although the interior isn’t terrible, it isn’t as good as what we’ve come to expect from Genesis. CR says the GV60 doesn’t add much to the interior for a price far above the similar Hyundai Ioniq 5.

Rear seats don’t provide much space

There are 3 reasons to avoid buying the Genesis GV60 EV electric SUV, Consumer Reports says.
Genesis GV60 EV | Genesis

Although the interior of the GV60 is spacious, the rear seats aren’t. Adult passengers won’t be comfortable in the back during a long trip of more than a few minutes. However, CR says it’s because of a few design choices, not the amount of space inside. For example, front seats sit so low to the ground that back seat passengers can’t fit their feet under the seat in front of them.

Additionally, the sloping roof line cuts into rear-seat headroom. In the same vein, the seat’s cushion sits high, boosting your head further toward the roof. Finally, the back seat must remain upright if the rear cargo cover is in place. As a result, there’s no flexibility in a rear passenger’s posture.

You won’t have a choice but to avoid the Genesis GV60

Finally, the last reason to avoid the new electric SUV is that you won’t have a choice. Genesis says the new GV60 EV will have “extremely limited availability.” More specifically, it will only be sold to select California, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York dealers. In short, over 80 percent of Americans won’t be able to buy one for a long time. CR says it reached out to Genesis for more information on expanding sales but has not heard back yet.

Reasons to avoid the Genesis GV60

As Genesis turns itself into an electric vehicle brand over the coming years, its first attempt is excellent. Overall, there’s a lot to love about the GV60 SUV. However, a few things give customers a reason to pass on the new model. The disadvantages to purchasing a GV60 are that the interior is lacking compared to other Genesis models, the rear seats aren’t spacious enough, and there is very limited availability. Although none of these are massive dealbreakers to many buyers, it’s proof every model has downsides. Are you interested in the first EV from the Hyundai luxury brand, Genesis, the GV60 electric SUV?


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