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Everyone wants to be known as a reliable SUV, but the reality isn’t so simple. Honda, Toyota, and Acura are a few of the brands succeeding at making the longest-lasting midsize SUVs. Looking at the list of sport utility vehicles hitting 250,000 miles gives a better indication of some of the best options. Select a brand known for building high-quality cars, and find an option with plenty of advanced safety features.

What is one of the longest-lasting midsize SUVs with proven reliability?

It might not come as a surprise that the Honda Pilot is one of the longest-lasting midsize SUVs, according to iSeeCars. While the top 10 has many trucks and Toyota options, the Honda Pilot has a 42.7% chance of hitting 250,000 miles. That is more than 3.6% higher than the average vehicle, proving to be a long-lasting and durable option.

The average vehicle only has an 11.8% chance of hitting that 250,000-mile mark. That is higher than it used to be but is still low. This study only looked at vehicles that would hit 200,000 miles previously. A new Pilot costs an average of $43,648, while a three-year-old version costs around $38,652. That is more expensive than the average vehicle, but those don’t have the reputation of being one of the longest-lasting SUVs.

This Honda SUV also earned a high-reliability score, good marks for value retention, and high safety ratings in recent years. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the 2023 Pilot good scores on most of its main crashworthiness tests. Good safety scores indicate the SUV is better equipped to avoid collisions and can protect the occupants in the case of one.

What is one of Toyota’s longest-lasting midsize SUVs?

Toyota has a lot of options on this list, but the longest-lasting midsize SUV is the 4Runner. The Toyota 4Runner has a 41.0% chance of hitting that high mileage, more than 3.5% higher than the average vehicle. Large and full-size SUVs seemed more durable than some midsize options, especially from this one brand.

The Toyota 4Runner has a long history of reliability following it and plenty of trim levels to meet shoppers’ needs. With a large cargo area and more durable attributes, the 4Runner is built to last. It doesn’t come cheap, with an average new price of $46,698, and an average three-year-old version costs $45,844.

To this day, the Toyota 4Runner is the most reliable vehicle in the midsize SUV category, with a reliability score of 8.8. Around 4.1% of the 4Runner SUVs on the road have hit 200,000 miles or more, far higher than the average of 0.9%. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the 2023 4Runner a four-star overall safety rating, and the IIHS gave it mostly high marks on crash testing.

Acura’s MDX is an SUV known for lasting 250,000 miles


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Even though the Acura MDX is considered one of the longest-lasting midsize SUVs, it is also the most reliable option. The MDX has a 29.2% chance of hitting 250,000 miles, which is still more than 2.5 times the average vehicle. With a reliability score of 9.3, it is a dependable option that remains one of the longest-lasting SUVs.

Acura has proved to have a winner with the MDX, and a new version costs $55,962 on average. A three-year-old version is $44,272 on average. It earned high marks for reliability, value retention, and safety. The MDX sits in the luxury midsize SUV category and has proved to be a dependable option from the brand.

Speaking of, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the 2023 Acura RDX its Top Safety Pick Plus award. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also gave the SUV a five-star overall safety rating.

Cars, trucks, and SUVs are more dependable than ever, and these are some of the best options. While not all vehicles will hit 250,000 miles due to things out of anyone’s control, a higher probability of hitting that is always welcome. Just make sure you change your oil as described in the owner’s manual.