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The 4Runner is one of the most iconic vehicles that Toyota has ever produced throughout its long history. While it is easy to see the success of the 4Runner over time, the success of this SUV has led to some pretty radically priced add-on accessories. Think about it; when a 4Runner fan is finally buying the SUV of their dreams, they are typically ready and willing to open their wallets to buy accessories that make their 4Runner tailor-made for their needs.

While Toyota typically releases its vehicles at reasonable prices, some its current 4Runner accessories are ridiculously overpriced. Here are a few examples of the most hilariously overpriced official accessories you can buy for the Toyota 4Runner.

Coin holder/ashtray – $130

Ashtrays are not very popular accessories today, with a very small number of drivers on the road today smoking. However, if you do smoke, or you need a place to hold your change, Toyota has the solution for you; a $130 ashtray/coin holder that fits into a cupholder in your 4Runner.

If you need an ashtray in your 4Runner and you can handle having an unofficial solution, you can find a similar accessory at Ace Hardware for less than $4.

Toyota 4Runner cargo tote – $60

Cargo mats are all the rage today. With a cargo mat, you get a great defense against dirt and grime getting into the carpet in the cargo area of your car. But what if you need some kind of device to organize the things in the cargo area of your car?

Toyota has you covered once again, with a $60 cargo tote. No, this isn’t any special Toyota-engineered tote bag, it is a simple black tote bag that you can purchase from a dealer for $60.

If you would like to organize the cargo area of your 4Runner but you don’t want to drop $60 on a tote bag, you can find a reusable bag with a similar amount of carrying capacity at any grocery store for less than $5 in the checkout area.

Tablet holder – $99

With many kids owning tablets these days, it is fairly popular to have a hands-free tablet-holding solution for rear-seat passengers. These tablet holders strap around front seat headrests, holding any brand of tablet at eye level. While Amazon has low-price solutions for around $9.99, Toyota offers a solution of its own for a whopping $99.

With Apple currently selling their basic iPad for around $329, this means that Toyota’s hands-free tablet holder is a third of the price of the tablet that is currently being held. Tablet holders are not space-age accessories, if you need a tablet holder, you are much better off buying your own online for much cheaper.

Does the Toyota 4Runner have any fairly-priced accessories?

While the 4Runner does have a few hilariously overpriced accessories, there are a few accessories that we think are worth the price. For all-weather floor mats, you can expect to pay around $169, which is not overpriced when compared to other premium floormats.

For $279, pet owners can get a premium tailor-made rear seat cover for their pets. This might seem pretty steep. But for a premium seat cover specially designed for pets, this is not an extremely bad deal for the quality.

If you are thinking about a Totoya 4Runner, make sure you do your research first and only buy well-priced accessories. If you can find a  cheaper alternative for simple accessories, you are much better off not buying the official Toyota accessories.


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