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Pickups are increasingly becoming even more capable with rising tow ratings and convenient features like multi-position tailgates. Significant strides have also been made on the technology front of these workhorses, and one such example is the 2023 GMC Sierra’s Built-In Trailering App that includes several handy programs to ease the hassles of towing a trailer. Here are the most notable features of the In-Vehicle Trailering App.

Create and use custom trailer profiles

For those who often haul various trailers, the In-Vehicle Trailering App allows the GMC Sierra to store specific settings for hauling and create profiles for up to five trailers, including conventional, gooseneck and fifth wheel.

Users are prompted automatically to set up a profile for a trailer when it’s first connected, or they can do so manually. After a profile is created, specific settings for that trailer can be enacted, including available trailer camera features or maintenance reminders.

These profiles could prove especially useful for those who have several trailers, or if their job requires towing various trailers throughout the day or week.

Automatic light sequence

When a trailer is connected, drivers can automatically test the trailer’s lighting system using a button on the Sierra’s infotainment system. The feature will test the brake lights, turn signals or other lighting components automatically, allowing drivers to ensure they are all working properly without having to walk around the pickup and check manually.

Departure checklists help ensure safe towing

The Sierra’s trailering app includes a pre-departure checklist based on the type of trailer in use to help drivers ensure they have checked the safety of their trailers before hitting the road. With a conventional trailer, these reminders include steps like checking off the hitch is securely mounted and locked, electrical components are plugged in and working properly and that safety chains are in place.

This feature can be particularly convenient for towing newbies, but even seasoned haulers can benefit from using the checklist to make sure they haven’t missed any required steps for safe towing.  

It should be noted the In-Vehicle Trailering App requires a Connected Services plan from GMC. The GMC App Access Plan is $14.99 a month and includes GMC Maps+ App and Amazon Alexa Built-In. Buyers can also pay $24.99 a month for the Connected Vehicle plan which includes those features in addition to unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot data and “Connected Navigation,” which adds features like showcasing real-time points of interest on the navigation system.

The 2023 GMC Sierra includes a long list of additional trailering conveniences

The 2023 GMC Sierra is available with four engines, including a 2.7-liter turbo four, 5.3-liter and 6.2-liter V8s, and a turbocharged inline-six diesel. Maximum trailering capacities range from 8,900 pounds to 13,000 pounds depending on drivetrain and cab configuration.

A trailering package, which includes four- and seven-pin connectors with a Hitch Guidance system, is standard on SLE trims and above and available on the base model. Other trailering features on the 2023 Sierra include an integrated trailer brake controller, GMC’s “Invisible Trailer” camera feature, a host of camera angles for monitoring a load, and other features, including the In-Vehicle Trailering App.

Available Smart Trailer Integration can also used to allow owners to monitor a recreational trailer’s smart systems, like water tank levels or HVAC controls, in trailers that have the appropriate connectivity.


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