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Routine oil changes and service are an integral part of car maintenance. You should also do your best to keep your vehicle’s interior and exterior fresh. One of the easiest ways you can do that at home is by using spray car wax.

Spray wax is great for touching up your car after it’s been washed. There are many types of spray car wax, so how do you know which one is best? Here’s what you need to know about these products and which ones are the best.

Tips for applying spray car wax

Businesspeople watch a worker use a spray car wax on a vehicle in 1964
Spray car waxes have been around for decades | Frank Albert Charles Burke/Fairfax Media via Getty Images

According to Turtle Wax, you should always wash your car with water and specialty shampoo before using spray wax. Try to wax your car indoors if possible, away from bugs and potential bird droppings. If you can only do it outdoors, apply wax in a shaded area on a cool day.

Before you begin, dampen one end of a microfiber towel and leave the other end dry. Once you have your spray car wax of choice, shake the bottle well before using it. After you apply the wax, rub it in with the wet portion of the microfiber towel.

Use circular motions to ensure that you get an even coating of wax. Using the dry end of the towel, buff out any waxy residue. You can repeat this process as necessary on different sections of your vehicle.

Certain car waxes might leave residue on your car, even if the job looks clean at first. To avoid this, it’s important to buff out the wax completely after application. Many car wax suppliers also carry trim restoration products to remove the residue.

Shine Armor liquid spray car wax is an overall top choice

Roadshow says Shine Armor is the best spray wax overall, available on Amazon for $19.95. Shine Armor claims its product is safe for all car surfaces and won’t leave streaks or residue. It seals with Brazilian carnauba wax, ensuring a brilliant shine in 15 minutes.

Roadshow’s testers liked the smooth finish and gloss after using this spray. You also don’t have to use much of it to see results, making it a good value. And thousands of five-star Amazon customer reviews can’t be wrong.

Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Quik Wax is a thrifty pick

If you’re on a budget, Roadshow recommends Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Plus Wax. It usually retails for about $8, but it’s currently on sale at Walmart for only $5.97. It promises an easy, residue-free application and even claims it can be applied in direct sunlight.

The label also says it’s made with a premium carnauba wax blend that’s safe to use on all clear coats. But this product is not safe to use on satin, flat, or matte finishes. Roadshow says it’s a great product to get your car clean, even if it doesn’t offer superior shine.

Chemical Guys Blazin’ Banana spray wax contains an all-natural carnauba formula

This spray car wax is a mid-priced option for $14.97 a bottle, and it uses an all-natural carnauba formula. The label promises a deep shine in seconds and can hold that shine through harsh weather and exposure to airborne pollutants. One Amazon customer said that, despite not washing their truck for months, Chemical Guys Blazin’ Banana kept the car’s paint shiny.

The company doesn’t pull any punches with the name: Roadshow confirms the spray indeed smells like bananas. The label also claims it can make your car’s paint as slippery-smooth as the peel. 


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