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A car detailing kit is the perfect way to clean your vehicle at home and save money on professional detailing. In addition to exterior paint cleaners and waxes, some detailing kits also include products for wheels, glass, plastics, and the interior. The best even include applicators and towels. Including detailing as part of your regular maintenance will help extend your car’s life, protect its value, and make it look great.

Here are five of the best car detailing kits you can buy, three for under $45 and two for over $100.

Armor All Premier Car Care Kit

The Armor All Premier Car Care Kit comes from a highly trusted automotive brand. This kit includes eight products for cleaning and detailing the exterior and the interior of your vehicle. It provides a wash and wax, multipurpose cleaning spray, wheel and tire cleaner, tire shine, protectant spray, glass cleaner, an air freshener pump spray, and a wash pad. But you don’t get microfiber towels with this set. It costs $34.97.

Turtle Wax Quick & Easy Complete Car Kit

The Turtle Wax Quick & Easy Complete Car Kit helps you clean your car inside and out. This basic set includes four sprays and two microfiber towels. The four sprays are an exterior detailer, a wash and wax, a spray wax, and an interior detailer for the dashboard and glass. The kit costs $37.20.

Duragloss Car Care Kit

The Duragloss Car Care Kit includes just what’s needed for detailing your car. It has a car wash, a surface polish, a detailing spray, a vinyl and leather cleaner, and a wheel cleaner. It also includes an applicator and a bucket, although you’ll need to purchase microfiber towels separately. This kit sells for $42.11.

Stoner Complete Car Care and Detailing Kit

The Stoner Complete Car Care and Detailing Kit offers 12 cleaning products that work together to create a comprehensive detailing package, AutoWise reports. The kit includes upholstery and carpet cleaner, an air duster, trim cleaner, vinyl and plastic cleaner, citrus cleaner and remover, glass cleaner, tar and sap remover, a trim shine, tire coating, rain repellent wax, and a quick wax. It also comes with towels and sponges. This kit retails for $150.

Adam’s Essentials Car Detailing Kit

The Adam’s Essentials Car Detailing Kit provides the tools for a five-step detailing process. First, wash and dry the car. Second, clean the car’s exterior finishes. Third, polish the paint and exterior surfaces. Fourth, wax the paint, exterior, and clear-coat. And last, clean the tires, wheels, and rims. Cleaners include a detail spray, an interior detailer, car shampoo, an all-purpose cleaner, wheel cleaner, and clay bars. You’ll also get multiple applicators, brushes, towels, and a bucket with a grit guard. This all-in-one kit costs $179.98.

Even the more expensive car detailing kits will save you money over going to a professional detailer. After using a little elbow grease, you can enjoy a showroom-clean vehicle.


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