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Americans love Jeep vehicles. There are numerous reasons that owning a Jeep is fantastic. Not only do you get to spend all of your time driving a vehicle that’s reliable, fun, long-lasting, and versatile, you also have a vehicle that provides you with the ability to attend all sorts of cool events.

Whether you own a Jeep or you’re just a fan, there are 3 annual Jeep events you don’t want to miss.

Butler, P.A.’s Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival

There are Jeep lovers who religiously attend the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival. They consider it the highlight of their year. The annual event has taken place in Butler, Pennsylvania since 2011.

The festival is hosted by the non-profit organization Friends of the Bantam Jeep Association (FBJA) which strives to create an event that not only provides Jeep enthusiasts with an opportunity to mingle but to also expand their Jeep knowledge and have a good time. The group lists its core values as:

  • Jeep pride
  • Fellowship
  • Education
  • Charitable support
  • Community improvement/involvement

  One of the event highlights is the festival’s annual “Largest Jeep Parade.” Each year the event strives to break the Guinness World Record it set of 2,400 jeeps.

Activities that take place during the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival include:

  • Jeep Parade
  • Trail drives
  • Educational workshops
  • Bantam Barbee Jeep Race
  • Jeep decorations
  • Team challenges 
  • And more

 The Bantam Jeep Festival takes place in Butler during June each year.

Jeeps Rocks and Road Tour

The Jeep Rocks and Road Tour is a truly unique Jeep event that Jeep owners love. The event is spread out over 16 different cities and is frequently held in conjunction with other local events, such as music festivals and community celebrations.

While the Rocks and Roads Tour does provide Jeep lovers with a chance to get together and bond, its main function is testing drivers’ abilities and vehicle limits. The event features an intense obstacle trail that allows drivers to really push their Jeeps. The extreme challenge often attracts designers who use what they see on the course to dream up innovative design changes and features.

While the obstacle course is the main attraction, other events include taping video confessionals and a kid’s obstacle course.

The New Jersey Jeep Invasion

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The New Jersey Jeep Invasion has become so popular, there are now two different invasions scheduled for 2019. The first took place during June in Wildwood, N.J. The second is scheduled for October in Ocean City N.J.

The invasion is put together by the New Jersey Jeep Association. It started out as a Jeep charity show in 2013 but has grown into something much bigger. In addition to the Jeep show, attendees get to navigate the beach through a challenging beachside obstacle course, a beach-themed parade that includes costumes, and a free concert. Past events have attracted over 2,000 Jeeps and the event continues to grow in popularity. 

The great thing about the New Jersey Jeep Invasion is that in addition to providing a venue for Jeep lovers to unite, it also improves the world. During the 2018 Invasion, over 18,000 pounds of food was collected which was donated to the food bank. During past invasions, money has been raised for the Make a Wish foundation.

This is only a small sampling of the amazing Jeep events you can choose to attend. Every single year both large and small Jeep events take place. Each one is a great place to meet exciting people, challenge your driving skills, and learn about different types of Jeeps. Joining a local Jeep club is one of the best ways to learn about upcoming Jeep events in your area.