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Over the years, the Toyota Land Cruiser has become known for its expedition-ready performance. From the spartan FJ40 to the luxurious J200, this Japanese SUV can handle almost anything. If you look, you can find footage of Land Cruisers fording streams, traversing dunes, and navigating jungles—it really is that good. People trust it in any situation.

Unfortunately, Toyota pulled the plug on U.S. sales after 2021. While the Heritage Edition Land Cruiser was a fitting sendoff, it left a void for American enthusiasts. However, that’s set to change.

Rumors suggest a 2025 Land Cruiser for the U.S. Additionally, it might not be the luxury-focused ride of the past few decades. Instead, Toyota’s set to focus on what makes it great—athletic looks, all-terrain ability, and long-haul comfort.

2025 Toyota Land Cruiser: What the rumors say

As with any exciting new model, anticipation continues growing for a new Toyota Land Cruiser. There’s plenty of speculation to sift through, so here’s the latest to whet your appetite.

Car and Driver reports that the new Cruiser may return to its roots. Instead of a plush luxury SUV, it’ll return to being an overland-ready rig. Key to that is its platform.

Instead of using the current-generation J300 (unavailable in the U.S.) as a starting point, Toyota’s set to use the new Lexus GX. That’ll make the new Land Cruiser more compact, aiding its ability to navigate challenging terrain. Beyond that, it’s significant for several reasons.

Starting in 1990, the FJ80 Land Cruiser represented a more comfort-oriented approach. While it was plenty capable, it had a softened personality compared to the prior FJ60 and FJ40. Since then, U.S.-bound Land Cruisers have only gotten bigger and fancier, becoming more of a luxury vehicle than a rugged earth crawler.

However, by basing the 2025 Land Cruiser model on the Lexus GX, Toyota signals a change in direction. Lexus marketing materials focus on the GX’s superb capability, with footage of steep climbs and rugged trails. The new SUV has chiseled styling and trail-ready features tailored to adventure.

Car and Driver also describes the GX’s relation to the Land Cruiser Prado. As a smaller sibling to the hulking J300, the world-market Prado offers improved agility and less of a luxo-barge feel. Prior generations of the GX shared platforms with the Prado, and that’s set to continue with new versions of both.

Car Scoops agrees, with its 2025 Land Cruiser rendering using the GX/Prado as a starting point. The outlet also believes the new Land Cruiser is hybrid-ready, using the same TNGA-F body-on-frame platform as the Tundra and Sequoia.

Top Speed is another proponent of the Lexus GX forming the basis for the new Land Cruiser. From the GX’s twin-turbo V6 to its plush interior, the site details how it may provide clues to the new Toyota.

Additionally, The Drive chimes in with their opinions on a GX-derived Toyota Land Cruiser. Aside from the aforementioned specs, the outlet notes a likely tow rating of 8,000 lbs and both rear and center locking diffs. Additionally, with a GX Overtrail model set for release, the new Cruiser should have an equally brawny counterpart.

As of now, there’s been no announcement on the price for the 2025 Toyota Land Cruiser. However, the automaker recently teased profile shots of what’s likely the new Land Cruiser lineup.

What a returning Land Cruiser means for the U.S. market

In the current automotive market, there’s a hunger for adventure-ready SUVs. Models like the Ford Bronco, Land Rover Defender, and Jeep Wrangler have rugged personalities and burly hardware. A new Toyota Land Cruiser would be a welcome addition to that fold. The nameplate has the heritage, style, and capability for the off-road crowd, along with the quality and comfort expected from Toyota. For drivers with daily responsibilities and weekend dreams, that’s a winning combination.

Additionally, if the new Cruiser features retro-influenced bodywork, it could be an even bigger hit. According to Australian outlet Drive, that’s a good possibility. If the reimagined Bronco is any indication, drivers love a little blast from the past.

The bound-for-the-USA 2025 Toyota Land Cruiser looks ready to debut with first-rate capability, stout reliability, and retro style. That’s a win for enthusiasts and the SUV market. Those who need a sport utility with usability and strength can get just what they need. The new Land Cruiser gives consumers more choices in the popular off-road SUV segment. Add in classic looks, and you’ve got a recipe for fun.

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