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Sometimes SUVs can drift away on the backburner. That’s why a new Toyota 4Runner teaser emerged at the perfect time. While people have been distracted by new vehicles at the New York Autoshow, they were reminded that the 2025 Toyota 4Runner is on the way with significant changes. 

2025 Toyota 4Runner: What to expect 

Just when people may have been forgetting about the 2025 Toyota 4Runner, a new teaser image dropped to provide a resurgence of interest and excitement. 

While Toyota only released an image of the 4Runner’s butt, it’s only the beginning. Toyota is about to drop breadcrumbs until the redesigned 4Runner finally debuts by the end of the year. 

The close-up of the rear end shows a boxy bumper with sleek lines. Blocky 4Runner lettering sits below the license plate. On current models, the badging is above the tag. The taillights look pretty similar to the current design. 

Toyota has been pretty secretive about the new 4Runner. However, clues suggest that it will be the SUV version of the new Toyota Tacoma. It may have similar-shaped headlights and a matching grille design. 

If the Tacoma and 4Runner share the same powertrain options then it could start with the standard 2.4-liter engine with 228 hp and 243 lb-ft of torque. 

You can upgrade the beefier 2.4-liter engine for 278 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque with the eight-speed automatic transmission. 

With the six-speed manual transmission, you get 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. Wouldn’t that be wild for the 4Runner to have a manual option again? It was dropped back in 2000. 

Also, the 4Runner Hybrid could pair a 2.4-liter engine with an electric motor and a battery pack to generate 326 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. This is the standard powertrain in the 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser. 

While the Land Cruiser dropped its third row, the 4Runner is probably keeping it around to give families a more affordable option than the Sequoia. 

Also, Toyota hasn’t shared the fuel economy figures for the Tacoma Hybrid yet. Those figures are expected to come out in April. Perhaps Toyota is waiting to avoid spoiling what the 4Runner Hybrid can do. 

However, with the Land Cruiser, the i-Force Max hybrid setup only gets an EPA-estimated 22 mpg in the city and up to 25 mpg on the highway. Stay tuned for more updates, because the new 4Runner is finally coming.