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Whoa, we have a win for the new Toyota Tundra and a blow to the Ford F-150. The numbers are in, and despite getting off to a rocky start, the 2023 Toyota Tundra has been making improvements. As a result, it officially outranks the 2023 Ford F-150. 

2023 Toyota Tundra vs. 2023 Ford F-150 

The 2023 Toyota Tundra vs. 2023 Ford F-150
2023 Toyota Tundra | Toyota

According to Consumer Reports, the 2023 Toyota Tundra has pulled ahead of the 2023 Ford F-150. The Tundra has a score of 61 out of 100, and the F-150 rings in with 58 points, so the competition is pretty close. 

The scores are based on the results of driving tests to evaluate the noise, ride, routine handling, emergency handling, braking, acceleration speed, fuel economy, predicted owner satisfaction, and predicted reliability score. 

The F-150 actually has better rankings regarding interior noise, braking, and fuel economy. But the Tundra has a smoother ride, faster acceleration, and handling. Overall, the Tundra earned a higher driving experience, but the F-150 beat it by one point regarding comfort. 

Also, the F-150 is a bit more capable of truck stuff. It can tow up to 14,000 lbs and carry a payload of up to 3,325 lbs. The Tundra can tow up to 12,000 lbs and carry a payload of up to 1,940 lbs. 

Is the Tundra more reliable than the F-150? 

This is unexpected, but the 2023 Ford F-150 actually has a higher predicted reliability rating than the 2023 Toyota Tundra. But the Tundra is known for being durable and reliable. J.D.Power gave the 2023 F-150 a score of 86 out of 100, and the Tundra earned a 70. 

Scores between 70 and 80 are average, while anything between 81 and 90 is good, and anything between 91 and 100 is best. The predicted reliability scores are based on problems reported on the 2022 models. 

The Tundra was redesigned for 2022 with a new suspension setup and engine options. Typically, once a new vehicle is introduced, it takes a little time to work out some kinks. The 2022 Tundra has six recalls. 

But the F-150 is a part of the 14th generation introduced in 2021. It has a few more reports of issues than the Tundra for 2022, but it also had more models on the road. The F-150 has 10 recalls in 2022. 

The F-150 is expected to make it past 200,000 miles, and it’s not uncommon to surpass 300,000 miles. The Toyota Tundra is expected to make it over 250,000 miles and can easily reach over 300,000 miles. 

Does the Tundra or F-150 have more value? 

Is the 2023 Ford F-150 more relable than the Toyota Tundra?
2023 Ford F-150 | Ford

The 2023 Toyota Tundra has a higher predicted satisfaction rate than the 2023 Ford F-150 because it’s considered to be more comfortable, with a better ride quality and a more attractive style. 

However, people feel like the F-150 provides more value overall. Both trucks have a standard 8.0-inch touchscreen. But the Tundra has standard wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, 18-inch wheels, LED lighting, proximity keyless entry/start, a composite bed, and more standard power. 

The F-150 sweetens the deal with keyless entry, trailer sway control, pre-wired trailer connections, and more driving modes. 

It seems like the Tundra outranks the F-150 because it’s more engaging to drive and more comfortable. But the F-150 is the better work truck with plenty of comfort and value.