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It wasn’t long ago that the Toyota Camry earned the title of most American-made car, with 75% of its components assembled at a facility in Georgetown, KY. However, new research says it has new company at the top. As more automakers look to emphasize their U.S. footprint, the Camry no longer alone. And, according to new research, only 60% of the 2023 Toyota Camry is made in America.

What percentage of a Toyota Camry is made in America?

Each year, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) releases its American Auto Labeling Act report detailing where every vehicle in America gets its parts. This includes both the make and model, plus the country of origin of components within the vehicle itself. There are also categories for assembly, engine, and transmission, though they don’t affect the percentage weight of total components.

In 2016, the Toyota Camry had 75 percent of its components made in the U.S. However, only 65% of the 2023 Toyota Camry is made in America. A further 10% of the Camry’s components come from Japanese sources, while assembly, engine, and transmission production are all shared across American and Japanese manufacturing.

Front angle view of white 2022 Toyota Camry, which is made in America
2022 Toyota Camry | Toyota

How much of the Camry Hybrid is made in America?

Keep in mind, the figures above only apply to the traditional Toyota Camry lineup. When looking into the Camry Hybrid, the percentages change significantly. Only 45% of the Camry Hybrid consists of American parts, with a further 30% coming from Japan. Unlike the non-hybrid version, though, only American plants manufacture and assemble the Camry Hybrid powertrain and its components.

The Toyota Camry is still the most American-made car, but it has company

Despite the lower percentage of U.S.-derived components, the Toyota Camry is still the most American-made non-electric car in 2023. However, it isn’t alone at the top. Acura’s TLX and Integra match the Camry with 65% American components. In addition, the Honda Civic and Accord both feature the same 65% U.S. part composition, essentially creating a five-way tie for American-made sedans.

Tesla takes the top spot for American-made car brands

A Tesla Model 3 Performance, which is almost completely made in America.
Tesla Model 3 Performance | Tesla

When including electric vehicles, the entire leaderboard for cars made in America turns on its head. Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y Long Range each consist of 75% American components. Their other vehicles use 70% U.S. parts, while the Model X and Model S utilize 60% American pieces.

Other highlights are the Volkswagen ID.4, which averages 72% American-made components across the lineup. And of the American brands, Jeep takes the top spot with an average of 63% U.S. parts across its lineup of SUVs.

Why does it matter if a car is made in America?

Whether or not a vehicle is made in America has little to do with its quality. However, when it comes to supporting the U.S. economy and jobs, vehicles that are primarily manufactured and assembled in America can be a bigger benefit. In addition, lower transportation costs and easier parts sourcing often mean that ownership of more American-made cars is easier over the long term.

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