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It would be hard to list all of the reasons the Toyota Camry is the best-selling car. We likely don’t have to tell you that it’s reliable, comfortable, frugal, and the newest versions are even fun to drive. But which is the best version? When you compare all three of the engine options from the base four-cylinder, the hybrid, and the V6, it’s hard to pick.

But the 2023 Camry XLE Hybrid makes a great case for being the best Camry

The 2023 Camry XLE Hybrid adds the right kind of power

The Camry does a lot of things well. But, the Hybrid version adds just a little bit more with the addition of the hybrid booster motor. Let’s be honest, the base four-cylinder motor in the Camry is fine and frugal, but it lacks any performance and makes freeway merging more of a chore than a joy. But, when you add the hybrid to the base motor, you don’t just get an extra five horsepower, that horsepower comes on sooner. The gas and Hybrid versions earn top marks for reliability, according to U.S. News.

While the 2023 Toyota Camry Hybird XLE isn’t any quicker to 60 mph, the electric motors add some punch down low in the form of torque. That means that stoplight to stoplight it feels a bit quicker. And, it comes with the bonus of an EPA rating of 51 mpg city and 52 mpg highway, which easily trumps the 28/32 mpg ratings of a regular XLE Camry. Also, the range becomes a bladder-testing 700 miles on the highway with a full tank of regular unleaded.

Why the XLE trim tops the others

The XLE trim level adds a larger screen, heated leather and more to the interior.
The Toyota Camry interior | Toyota

The base Toyota Camry Hybrid in LE trim starts at $28,255. But that car is pretty basic. Sure, the XLE starts at $33,245 but you do get LED lights, some nicer-looking wheels and more classy trim outside. Inside, though, is where the XLE becomes a standout with an upgraded climate system, wireless charging, a much larger screen, heated seats, and the option of adding a lot more to the car, like a heated steering wheel and leather trim.

Also, on the XLE you can add front and rear parking assist that you can’t to the base car, as well as a 360-degree camera and a navigation system. The new 2023 Camry, however, also has an optional giant 9.0-inch touchscreen, which was one missing feature from previous year’s cars.

The Toyota Camry XLE with the V6 is the enthusiast’s Camry

A blue Toyota Camry parked in a studio
The V6 may have power, but it’s hard to beat the Hybrid’s frugality| Toyota

Not too long ago 300 horsepower was considered a lot and V8 Corvettes with 300 ponies were considered serious performers. Today, you can get a 301 horsepower V6 in the Camry XLE, XSE and TRD trims. While we love the hybrid’s smooth power and its mission to lower emissions, we also love the power of the V6.

The Hybrid version though seems to meet the mission of the Camry better than any other. When you’re looking for a car that is smooth, reliable and easy to live with it’s hard to beat a Camry XLE. With the addition of the Hybrid XLE trim, we think the Camry XLE Hybrid fits the bill perfectly.


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