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Not many automakers are often linked to the term “reliability,” but Lexus is one of those brands. A new electric luxury SUV named the 2023 Lexus RZ continues to set the bar pretty high. As usual, the luxury brand nails the interior and comfort aspects. What’s holding the RZ back? The short range and those pesky, ever-changing federal tax credit qualifications come to mind.

How much will the 2023 Lexus RZ cost?

The 2023 Lexus RZ 450e in front of a colorful parking structure.
2023 Lexus RZ 450e | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

The 2023 Lexus RZ starts at $59,650, while the fully loaded RZ is $65,150. Lexus streamlined the process for the first year of this electric SUV by only offering two trim levels. Thanks to that, both trims come pretty well-equipped. With the Premium trim, synthetic leather upholstery, heated and ventilated front seats, and a power-heated steering wheel are standard. Lexus also added a 14-inch touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. All of the technology and design elements help make the list of RZ pros longer than the cons, but the cons are worth noting.

2023 Lexus RZ TrimsMSRP
450e Premium$59,650
450e Luxury$65,150
2023 Lexus RZ price

The RZ 450e Luxury upgrades to synthetic suede upholstery, heated second-row seats, and an upgraded surround-sound speaker system. A Head-Up display is a helpful addition that displays speed and other important information. Traffic-jam assist and 20-inch wheels round out the changes. Bigger wheels also detract from the range, so stick with the 18-inch ones if range is a priority.

As always, Lexus included many standard driver-assistance systems on the luxury SUV to keep everyone safe. This includes forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and lane-keep assist. All trim levels also get adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, and blind-spot monitoring.

What is the range of the 2023 Lexus RZ?

The 2023 Lexus RZ range is 196 to 220 miles, which isn’t enough for some drivers. Those who select the RZ with 18-inch wheels get 220 miles of range, and those who opt for 20-inch wheels get 196 miles. Both have a zero to 60 mph time of five seconds and 308 horsepower. Lexus uses a 71.4 kWh Lithium-ion battery in both models.

The range looks worse when you look at the competition, such as the Genesis GV60 or the Model Y. The 2023 Genesis GV60 has a similar starting price, all-wheel drive, and a 235-mile range. Similarly, the 2023 Model Y has 279 miles at its lowest and can go zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. A sub-200 range isn’t totally a deal breaker, but it does detract from the overall package.

The range holds this electric luxury SUV back from perfection, but other models in the segment do not have the same reliability history as Lexus. Additionally, Electric SUVs do not have the same reliability history as traditional vehicles, so this will be an uphill battle for all brands. The 2023 RZ does not have a predicted reliability score yet, especially since it just hit the market as a new model.

Does the Lexus RZ qualify for the tax credit?

This 2023 Lexus RZ is a great electric luxury SUV
Inside the 2023 Lexus RZ | Lexus

Unfortunately, the 2023 Lexus RZ does not qualify for the federal tax credit. Electric cars and SUVs must meet various criteria to be eligible for the newest clean vehicle tax credit version. The IRS says vehicles must be under $80,000 for vans, SUVs, and trucks, while other cars have a maximum of $55,000. EVs must also have a seven-kilowatt-hour battery, weigh less than 14,000 pounds, and undergo final assembly in North America. Since the RZ is imported, it is not eligible for any credits. That might not apply to some state and local credits, so check your area to find out what you might qualify for.

The good news is that the 2023 Lexus RZ has a lot going for it if you can look past the range and the federal tax credit. Those with a short commute or who don’t drive around a lot daily might be fine with the low range. Lexus delivers on comfort and technology, as fans of the brands might expect, and that is still an important quality.


2023 Lexus RZ 450e Review: A Luxury EV SUV That’s Big on Style, but Short on Range