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2022 Toyota Sienna review highlights: 

  • 2022 Toyota Sienna ($34,710 – $50,150) 
  • Best Buy of 2022 – Kelley Blue Book 
  • Pros: Smooth ride, available all-wheel drive, plenty of space for passengers and cargo, excellent fuel economy
  • Cons: Only offered with a hybrid powertrain, the second-row seats can’t be removed 
2022 Toyota Sienna parked near trees
2022 Toyota Sienna | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Forget those classic minivan stereotypes that suggest vans are just for moms or they’re slow and lumbering. The 2022 Toyota Sienna makes all drivers proud with a fast and efficient ride, comfort, and agile performance. 

The Sienna takes vans to a whole new level with hybrid efficiency, AWD capability, and a refined interior crafted for comfort and convenience. You can use it to go camping, keep everyone happy (even the dog) on road trips, help a friend move, as an efficient daily driver, and much more. 

Along with a fresh, confident look, the Sienna gets things done. Go ahead and hail cargo to work, pull a trailer, drive through snow, allow your carpool morning to be more convenient, and most importantly, have some fun. 

What’s new for the 2022 Toyota Sienna? 

2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition
2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition | Toyota

The 2022 Sienna is part of the fourth generation launched in 2021. It’s one of the freshest van options out there as it rivals the Honda Odyssey, new Kia Carnival, and Chrysler Pacifica. It’s primarily a carryover model from 2021. 

However, there is the new Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition trim level that allows the Sienna to better tackle the wild. It has a 0.6-inch lift, standard AWD, household-style outlets, a tow hitch, and roof rails with crossbars. 

You won’t be keeping up with the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in this beast, but you’ll be able to go further than any Sienna has before. Go ahead and plan a camping trip with your entire family. There’s room for all people, pets, and gear. 

Which 2022 Toyota Sienna trim is best? 

There are six 2022 Toyota Sienna trims to choose from, providing you with plenty of different options. The following prices are the MSRPs. They do not include the destination fee or dealership markups. 

  • Toyota Sienna LE $34,710 
  • Sienna XLE $40,000
  • Sienna XSE $42,205
  • Sienna Woodland Edition $45,500
  • Sienna Limited $46,950 
  • Sienna Platinum $50,150

The Toyota Sienna XSE adds some attractive flair without getting too expensive. It comes with more prominent front and rear bumpers and rides on 20-inch wheels. Plus, the interior includes sport front seats. 

Standard features include in-dash navigation and second-row captain’s chairs. Front-wheel drive is standard, but you can upgrade to AWD for $760. Adding AWD to other vehicles tends to cost between $1,200 to $2,000, so it’s a good deal. 

The 2022 Toyota Sienna has an engaging yet convenient performance 

During our week with the 2022 Toyota Sienna, we found that we enjoyed the hybrid powertrain. It consists of a 2.5-liter gasoline-powered four-cylinder engine and a pair of electric motors that combine to generate 243 hp and 176 lb-ft of torque. Upgrading to AWD adds a third electric motor to power the rear wheels. 

The Sienna can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 7.7 seconds. Edmunds noted that it’s about one second slower than rivals. However, the transmission is smooth upon accelerating, and there isn’t any struggle to merge into traffic or pass others on the highway. 

Thanks to nicely weighted steering and responsive handling, the Sienna makes it relaxing to cruise for hours on the highway. It’s light and agile during low-speed maneuvers and in tight city areas. But there is a bit of noticeable body roll around sharp curves. 

Because the Sienna has regenerative braking, the brake pedal can sometimes feel a bit soft and grabby. Braking sends electrical energy back into the loop and takes a little getting used to. With a little practice, you can master smooth stops in no time. 

The Sienna has an 18-gallon fuel tank providing over 600 miles of range. We went from Rock Hill, SC to Asheville, NC, all around town, back to Rock Hill, and Charlotte, NC, before refueling. 

The driving modes include EV, Normal, Eco, and Sport. While Eco saves the most fuel and EV takes advantage of electric power, the Sport mode is the fastest and most engaging mode. 

While the 2022 Sienna gets an EPA-estimated 36 mpg in the city and up to 36 mpg on the highway. We averaged about 30.6 mpg, but we couldn’t stop having fun in Sport mode. 

The Sienna makes comfort a priority 

The 2022 Toyota Sienna offers two massive front-row seats with plenty of support and a wide range of adjustment settings. You can quickly find the perfect driving or riding position and enjoy hours of comfort. It’s like you get to sit in a recliner as you drive. 

The second-row captain chairs are a little stiff in comparison, but they’re still large and supportive. You can adjust their incline and position. However, you can’t change the lumbar support. 

Higher trim levels offer second-row seats with pop-out ottoman-style footrests if you need to relax and take a stretch. It adds a sense of class and luxury. 

The third row is plush and comfortable, with enough room for two average-sized adults. The seats can’t be adjusted much, but they sit at a comfortable angle that isn’t too upright. 

One of the biggest issues with the Sienna is road noise at higher speeds. You may have to raise your voice to communicate. However, you can take advantage of the optional in-car voice projection that sends front passenger voices through the rear speakers and headsets. 

Also, the Sienna has a pretty smooth ride over bumps and impacts in the road. It’s even impressive with a gentle ride over gravel and harsh conditions. 

You can opt for a four-zone automatic climate control system. While the heat and AC work to quickly keep everyone comfortable, the ventilated seats could be a little stronger. They feel mildly cool instead of cold. 

The 2022 Toyota Sienna has a high-quality interior with plenty of storage 

The 2022 Toyota Sienna has a fresh and modern interior with an attractive design. You can opt for premium leather upholstery and soft-touch covered materials. 

Woodgrain appliques, ambient lighting, and contrasting colors create an upscale environment without overdoing it. Plus, the materials are durable and easy to clean, especially with the optional onboard vacuum. 

While the sunroof is a little small, it fills the cabin with natural light. Plus, the large windows provide excellent visibility.

The interior layout is simple. Everything you need is easily within reach and clearly labeled. Cup holders are everywhere. There are six in the front and 18 total. There is a massive bridge that connects the dash to the center console, providing plenty of space for your bag, jacket, or other gear. 

Take advantage of the dell well behind the third-row seats. Plus, there are hooks on the back of the seats. The third-row seats almost fold flat, and you can’t remove the second-row seats like you can in other vans like the Honda Odyssey. The captain’s chairs can slide 25 inches to be moved out of the way, but overall the Sienna offers limited cargo configurations, especially if you need a flat load floor. 

Also, you have to move the second-row seats back to use the footrests. This eats into third-row legroom just to avoid hitting the front seats. 

You can access up to 33.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row with up to 101 cubic feet total. There is ample storage for smaller items with multi-level cargo pockets, bins, and trays. 

When properly equipped, the Sienna can tow up to 3,500 lbs. It can tow small trailers, boats, and dirt bikes. 

The Sienna sits at a convenient height for entering and exiting the vehicle. The hatch opening has a low lift-over height and is pretty wide. Installing child seats shouldn’t be a hassle at all. 

Does the 2022 Toyota Sienna have good tech? 

2022 Toyota Sienna hands free tailgate
2022 Toyota Sienna | Toyota

The tech in the 2022 Toyota Sienna is both advanced and easy to use. The 9.0-inch infotainment screen sports attractive graphics and works quickly. The menus are intuitive, making it easy to adjust your settings. 

Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa come standard. There are seven USB ports throughout the cabin and optional household plugs. The optional rear-seat entertainment system consists of an 11.6-inch display with an HDMI port and two sets of wireless headphones. There are headphone jacks in the third row too. 

You can opt for in-dash navigation, and the voice controls are hassle-free. Plus, you can upgrade to a wireless charging pad and a 12-speaker JBL audio system that’s crisp and clear. 

The digital gauge cluster can be customized to display different states, and the color head-up display provides crucial information and rates your regenerative braking skills. Road sign recognition is a nice touch. 

With the digital rear-view mirror, you can clearly see past headrests and piled-up cargo. Also, the 360-degree camera system and parking sensors give you a complete image of your surroundings, making it easy to maneuver in tight city areas. 

The hands-free tailgate and sliding doors open with a wave of your foot. You can also control the tailgate and doors with the keyfob or with buttons mounted near the sunroof controls.

The adaptive cruise control system is one of the best we’ve tested so far. It provides the perfect amount of space between yourself and other cars. It doesn’t brake too suddenly.

How reliable is the 2022 Toyota Sienna? 

Consumer Reports gave the 2022 Toyota Sienna a predicted reliability rating of three out of five. This shouldn’t be too much of a concern because it’s an average score. Consumer Reports still recommends buying the Sienna. 

Predicted reliability rankings are based on how well previous models performed. Minor suspension, transmission, and fuel system problems were reported for the previous generation. Fewer issues have been listed for the 2021 and 2022 models so far. 

The Toyota Sienna is a van that’s meant to last. The Sienna can easily make it to 200,000 miles with proper care and maintenance. Plus, it’s not uncommon to see some Sienna models reach 300,000 miles. They provide 15 to 20 years of use. 

It costs about $554 to maintain a Toyota Sienna model annually. That’s pretty good, considering that the average maintenance cost for vans is about $647 per year. Prices may vary based on condition, age, mileage, location, and shop. 

How safe is the Toyota Sienna? 

The 2022 Toyota Sienna parked near foliage
2022 Toyota Sienna | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

The 2022 Toyota Sienna is incredibly safe. It is an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Pick+. The Sienna received the highest ratings possible in almost every crash simulation. It only got an Advanced score for front crash protection. 

Instead of avoiding pedestrians at 25 mpg, the impact speed was reduced by 22 mph. Collisions were avoided at 12 mph. Also, in the 37 mph test, impact speed was reduced by 26 mph, and a warning was issued 1.8 seconds before impact. 

Standard safety features with the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 bundle include: 

  • Blind-spot monitoring 
  • Automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection 
  • Lane-departure warning 
  • Lane-keeping assist 
  • Adaptive cruise control 

MotorBiscuit experts give the 2022 Toyota Sienna a rating of 8.2 out of 10

The MotorBiscuit team awarded the 2022 Toyota Sienna with an expert rating of 8.2 out of 10. The Sienna is engaging, comfortable, and convenient to drive. However, it’s noticeably noisy at highway speeds and could be a little more agile. 

While the interior is finely crafted to provide a sense of luxury, you can’t remove the seats from the second row. The van also lacks under-floor storage. This may limit what and how much cargo you can carry. 

We are fans of the hybrid powertrain, but some people may feel like it’s limiting or slow compared to rivals. However, you can go pretty far without having to fill up, which is a significant perk. 

The Sienna is a well-rounded family option with innovative tech and comfort features to keep everyone happy. Plus, you can add AWD and tow up to 3,500 lbs to take the Sienna on plenty of adventures. 


2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Review, Pricing, and Specs