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Article Highlights:

  • Standard features in the new Camry
  • Is the base Camry worth it?
  • The Camry LE can be enough new car on a budget

The 2022 Toyota Camry is really popular. Like, really popular. It’s pretty much this, and then air in terms of popularity. At least, that’s what Toyota’s sales numbers say. After all, the Toyota Camry has been the best-selling sedan in America for almost as long as this place has been a country. But do you need to spend real money to experience that best-seller recipe? Or is the base Camry enough?

A standard Camry is a great value

The tan interior of the 2022 Camry shot from the center console
The interior of the 2022 car hasn’t changed much | Toyota

Starting at $25,295, the 2022 Toyota Camry is off to, well, a good start. That’s pretty cheap for a new car. You’re getting some pretty solid figures for that price as well. Per Toyota, the base Camry LE gets a combined 32 MPG, with a solid 39 MPG on the highway. You’re also getting a 203 hp four-cylinder that moves the car’s 3,300-odd lbs relatively quickly.

Sometimes we forget that 200 or so hp is actually pretty quick, and the base 2022 Toyota Camry is exactly that. However, should that 203 hp four-pot leave you at the side of the road, Toyota offers no-cost 24-hour roadside assistance and a no-cost maintenance plan. From a performance perspective, the new Camry doesn’t sound so bad. But what about the interior?

The 2022 Toyota Camry gets a moonroof

A dark blue 2022 Toyota Camry shot in profile
The new car looks identical in profile | Toyota

Usually, basic cars don’t come with a moonroof. It’s an option on everything from the Volkswagen GTI to the Audi S4. However, you can order your brand new Camry with one should you wish. While the aged Toyota infotainment hasn’t been replaced with the brand’s new unit yet, at least that moonroof is there to comfort you. On the whole, that whole deal sets the tone for the rest of the standard features in the new Camry; there’s a lot of give and take here.

Wireless charging is an option, but at least you have a USB port to charge through. 17-inch alloy wheels might ride better, but the option of some nicer-looking 18-inch wheels would be nice. Radar cruise control is standard (and a huge plus), but heated seats are optional, and the same goes for a heated steering wheel. Android Auto and Apple Carplay are standard too, but the radio system is so slow you’ll be furious if either stops working for more than a millisecond.

“Rental car spec” ain’t a bad thing

A dark blue 2022 Toyota Camry shot from the front 3/4 in a photo booth
The new Toyota Camry gets some light changes for the 2022 MY | Toyota

All in all, the rental car spec 2022 Toyota Camry isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a car, and that’s all the Camry has ever needed to be. It’s like a good dog. Always there when you need it.


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