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Camry Hybrid vs. Toyota Prius Prime comparison highlights:

  • The Camry Hybrid is a conventional hybrid; the Prius Prime is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
  • The 2022 Toyota Prius Prime is slightly more expensive than the Camry Hybrid
  • The 2022 Camry Hybrid sees better scores from critics than the 2022 Prius Prime
  • Fuel economy is comparable, but the Prius Prime offers EV mode

The Toyota Camry Hybrid and the Toyota Prius Prime are both well-known for their reliability, durability, fuel efficiency, and affordability. They may not play in the exact same league, but these are two hybrid options that often find themselves battling for attention among hybrid car shoppers.

The 2022 Camry Hybrid bested the 2022 Prius Hybrid by a hair, but can it come out on top against the plug-in Prius Prime? Let’s find out.

2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid2022 Toyota Prius Prime
Price Range$27,980-$33,420 $28,670-$34,450
EngineGas-electric 2.5-liter four-cylinderGas-electric 1.8-liter four-cylinder
Horsepower 208 hp121 hp
Torque163 lb-ft105 lb-ft
MPG Rating51 city / 53 highway (LE)54 mpg / 133 MPGe
Body styleSedanHatchback
IIHS Safety RatingTop Safety Pick+Good/Acceptable
NHTSA Safety Rating★★★★★★★★★★

Toyota Camry Hybrid vs. Prius Prime: key differences

While these two fuel-efficient affordable cars both share a spot in Toyota’s stable, they have more differences than similarities. 

The 2022 Camry Hybrid is a four-door sedan with a conventional hybrid powertrain: the engine and electric motor work together full-time to power the vehicle. The 2022 Prius Prime is a five-door hatchback with a plug-in hybrid electric powertrain: the car can run on electric power alone, or the engine and motor can work in conjunction in hybrid mode.

The 2022 Prius Prime hatchback is meant more for daily commuting and running errands, and it does those things very well. The 2022 Camry Hybrid sedan is better suited for more versatile daily driving.

The 2022 Camry Hybrid’s price is slightly lower

Along with being one of the best hybrid sedans, the Camry Hybrid is also one of the more affordable hybrid cars. The Prius Prime’s pricey plug-in powertrain raises its starting price to over $28,000. The base 2022 Camry Hybrid starts at $27,980 and comes standard with dual-zone automatic climate control, Toyota’s Smart Key System, a 7.0-inch touchscreen, and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay.

This affordable sedan is also one of the most reliable hybrids you can buy for under $30,000.

The 2022 Prius Prime can cruise on battery power alone

A person plugs a charging cable into the charging port of a teal 2022 Toyota Prius Prime
2022 Toyota Prius Prime | Toyota

The Prius Prime is one of the best plug-in hybrid cars for the money. This affordable and reliable PHEV can use just its battery to power the electric motor. Its range is up to 25 miles when running in EV mode, which gives the Prius Prime a huge advantage over the Camry Hybrid, at least over short distances. 

You can charge a Toyota Prius Prime in about five and a half hours using a standard 120-volt outlet and in as little as two hours using a 240-volt outlet. It also qualifies for federal EV tax credits, but that may not help you as much as you think.

How far can Toyota Camry Hybrid go on a full tank? The Prius Prime?

The 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid offers 52 mpg combined and a 13.2-gallon gas tank. This affordable hybrid car can travel around 686 miles on a full tank of gas, thanks to its excellent hybrid powertrain. Its range will be slightly shorter when driving predominantly city miles and slightly longer when driving predominantly highway miles. 

The 2022 Toyota Prius Prime offers 54 mpg combined and an 11.4-gallon gas tank. This PHEV can travel up to 25 miles on battery power only and around 640 miles on a full tank of gas and a full charge. Range may vary based on driving conditions.

U.S. News scores the Camry Hybrid higher across the board

The 2022 Camry Hybrid consistently receives higher scores in performance, interior, safety, and reliability from U.S. News, though the 2022 Prius Prime gets admirable ratings.

2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid2022 Toyota Prius Prime
Overall8.7 /107.7 /10
Critics’ Rating9.6 /107.5 /10
Performance8.4 /108.1 /10
Interior7.1 /106.3 /10
Safety9.9 /109.3 /10
Reliability84.0 /10074.0 /100

Camry Hybrid vs. Toyota Prius Prime: comfortable hybrid or plug-in efficiency?

The overall consensus for Camry Hybrid vs. Prius Prime seems to come down to how you will use it. The 2022 Camry Hybrid’s superior interior comfort, good looks, and impressive fuel economy make it the better choice for drivers who often travel with passengers, will make longer drives, or like the convenience of a trunk. 

The 2022 Prius Prime’s ability to drive in EV mode, convenient hatchback design with increased cargo, and plug-in capabilities make it the better choice for drivers who make short trips and want the benefits of being able to charge up at home. 

In short, both of these hybrid cars are great options. It all depends on your daily driving needs.


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