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The 2022 Toyota bZ4X is the Japanese automaker’s upcoming electric SUV model. The bZ4X is the first of many new electric Toyota vehicles, and expectations are as high as the anticipation for this groundbreaking new SUV. The bZ4X’s most important spec, its range estimate, has finally been revealed.

The 2022 Toyota bZ4X has amazing range

Range is the most important electric vehicle spec because the electric vehicle refueling process is still relatively complicated compared to gas refueling. Electric vehicles with low range estimates have to refuel often, which takes hours for most EVs. A vehicle with a good electric range gives drivers the benefit of spending less time recharging their vehicle.

A perfect example of a vehicle with poor electric range is the Honda Clarity EV. The Honda Clarity EV had a range of just 89 miles before needing to recharge and was quickly discontinued after a very short run. Range anxiety is one of the many factors that cause consumers to fear EVs, so the 2022 Toyota bZ4X’s range can make or break the model.

According to the Car and Driver, the U.S. 2022 Toyota bZ4X will have a range estimate of between 200-230 miles. The base model Ford Mustang Mach-E Select has an estimated 230 miles of range in comparison. The bZ4X is likely to get an extended battery range option that pushes its range above 250 miles.

Why you should be excited about the 2022 Toyota bZ4X

Toyota is a pioneer in alternative energy technology. The Toyota Prius was one of the first mass-produced hybrid vehicles in the world back in 1997 when the vehicle was released in Japan. By 2001 the Japanese automaker had made the Prius available internationally. The Prius walked so the bZ4X could eventually run. It has been hated by many, but it’s hard to imagine the bZ4X without the Prius.

The 2022 Toyota bZ4X is exciting because it will be one of the few electric SUVs on the market in 2022. This puts it in direct competition with the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model Y. Both the Mach-E and Model Y have seen success, and Toyota’s experience producing SUVs should allow the bZ4X to be successful as well. If the bZ4X is properly executed, it could become the electric version of what the RAV4 is today in a few years.

The 2022 Toyota bZ4X is historic

A Toyota bZ4X SUV is on display during the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.
A Toyota bZ4X SUV is on display | VCG via Getty Images

The Toyota bZ4X is part of a new generation of automobiles that will change everything we know about transportation. The days of smoggy city skies, high gas prices, and the dangerous combustion of fossil fuels are numbered. Toyota is leading the way to the electric future along with Tesla, Ford, Rivian, and other automakers producing popular, quality EVs.


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