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Normally, people associate the Honda Accord with efficiency, reliability, and affordability, rather than performance. Yet Honda’s midsize sedan is decently sporty, too, especially in Accord Sport 2.0T form. However, it’s not the only practical car with a surprising performance side. 2022 sees Hyundai introduce its cheapest N-brand car, the Elantra N. But which of these four-door FWD haulers is fastest? To answer that, YouTube team Throttle House took to the dragstrip.

2022 Hyundai Elantra N vs. 2022 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T: How do their specs compare?

2022 Hyundai Elantra N2022 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T
Engine2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder
Horsepower276 hp252 hp
Torque289 lb-ft273 lb-ft
TransmissionsSix-speed manual
Eight-speed dual-clutch automatic
10-speed automatic
Curb weight3186 lbs (manual)
3296 lbs (DCT)
3380 lbs
0-60 mph time5.1 seconds (manual, Car and Driver)5.4 seconds (Car and Driver)

As standard, the 2022 Honda Accord Sport isn’t that much sportier than the base LX. And even the Sport Special Edition’s performance-oriented features are limited to a leather-wrapped steering wheel, paddle shifters, fancier pedals, and bigger wheels.

However, if you spend $4530 extra, your Honda Accord Sport becomes the Sport 2.0T. Out goes the 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and in goes a de-tuned version of the outgoing Civic Type R’s engine. In addition, the Sport 2.0T ditches the CVT for a 10-speed automatic that shifts faster and holds revs longer when you press the Sport button. This also sharpens the throttle response. And while it’s not as relevant in a straight line, the Sport 2.0T has trim-specific brake calibrations.

On paper, though, even that doesn’t sound like enough to match the 2022 Hyundai Elantra N. While the Elantra N-Line is already sportier, faster, and more powerful than the regular car, the N takes it several steps further. And the bigger engine is just the start.

Firstly, it has a rear chassis brace, electronically-controlled limited-slip differential, stiffer rear anti-roll bar, reinforced front strut towers, bigger brakes, and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires. Also, Hyundai gave it a WRC-inspired front axle that’s stiffer and lighter than the regular one. And while manual Hyundai Elantra Ns have automatic rev-matching, DCT models get an overboost function that adds 10 extra horsepower in 20-second bursts.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss the Honda Accord Sport 2.0T in the real world

All this adds up to a sedan that, on paper, hits 60 mph faster than the 2022 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T. But races aren’t won on paper. And 0-60 times don’t always mirror what happens on real streets.

Hence why Throttle House ran the 2022 Hyundai Elantra N and Accord Sport 2.0T in two ¼-mile drag races. One was from a standing start while the other was from a rolling start. This way, the hosts could evaluate how effectively these cars launch as well as their transmission and engine calibrations. And it’s here where the Honda lands right on top of the Elantra.

For one, the Accord Sport 2.0T’s 5-60 mph time is only 0.1 second behind the Elantra N’s, Car and Driver reports. Secondly, although the DCT-equipped N has launch control and the Accord doesn’t, it’s rather tricky to use. Furthermore, the FWD Honda Accord Sport 2.0T beat a more powerful AWD Acura TLX in a previous Throttle House race.

In short, the Accord isn’t out of this race quite yet.

Which sedan is faster?


Wee Car Wars: 2022 Honda Civic and 2022 Hyundai Elantra Battle With Compact Sedan Rivals

So, how did the race play out? Well, even with launch control, the 2022 Hyundai Elantra N didn’t get off the line as fast as the Honda Accord Sport 2.0T. However, the Elantra eventually reeled the Accord in and won the standing-start race by about a car length. The rolling race was even more one-sided, though. Although the Accord briefly kept pace, the Elantra N won by a significant margin.

Admittedly, Throttle Houses notes that the Honda is less “dramatic” about its performance than the Hyundai. But that doesn’t change the results: the Elantra N is faster than the Accord Sport 2.0T.

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