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Genesis, which is Hyundai’s luxury brand, is pulling all the stops to break into the luxury sedan market. The 2022 Genesis G70 is one of Genesis’ offerings for the luxury sedan segment, and it makes a compelling case for itself. Here’s a look at the 2022 Genesis G70 and why it may be a great option for your next luxury sedan.

The 2022 Genesis G70 is quite affordable

Off the bat, like Car and Driver said, the Genesis G70 is priced very aggressively. At a starting price tag of about $38,000, the G70 is less expensive than its competitors, especially the ones from German automakers. For example, the BMW 3 Series starts at about $41,000, and the Audi A4 starts at about $39,000. 

With that being said, since it’s a luxury sedan, there’s a good chance that customers will want to upgrade their G70. But, like Car and Driver wrote, even with an expensive trim as well as the $8,200 Sport Prestige package, the G70 comes out at a price tag of about $53,000. That price tag is still very affordable for any luxury car shopper, and once again, it’s even more affordable compared to the G70’s compact competitors.

A sedan that’s a lot of fun to drive

A customer wearing a protective mask looks at a Hyundai Motor Co. Genesis G70 sedan at the company's Motorstudio showroom in Seoul, South Korea
The 2022 Genesis G70 | SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The standard Genesis G70 comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged I-4 engine, and it gets 252 hp. However, Car and Driver test drove the top-tier twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V6, and that particular engine gets 365 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque. Car and Driver said that the G70’s V6 helps makes the car “engaging and entertaining.” 

As far as speed goes, the standard I-4 engine can go from 0 to 60 MPH in about 6.2 seconds, while the twin-turbo V6 does it in 4.3 seconds. In terms of top speed, the G70 can top out at about 167 MPH when equipped with the V6.

And when it comes to fuel economy, the G70’s also not terrible as it gets between 20 and 24 MPG combined, depending on the engine.

There are also many optional sporty features that make the G70 a very powerful and fun to drive sedan. That being said, what also matters is how the G70 stacks up to its peers. And in that regard, Car and Driver said that the G70 is still as sporty as its luxury compact rivals, despite being on the more affordable end of the spectrum.

How the 2022 Genesis G70 makes a convincing case

While the Genesis G70 is still as high-performance as it used to be, this new model year also makes some big changes to the interior and exterior of the car. Not only is it more stylish on the outside, but it’s also more stylish on the inside. Despite the fact that it’s equipped with a 10.3-inch touchscreen display, the layout of the G70’s interior made Car and Driver say that “it feels old-fashioned in the best way.”

In addition to that big touchscreen, Genesis has outfitted the G70 with a host of smart features without cluttering the dashboard. Not only does the G70 have wireless phone charging, but there are also a ton of smart safety features that includes, among other things, adaptive cruise control.

That being said, the G70 isn’t a perfect car. After all, it’s a compact luxury sedan, so it’s not going to be very spacious, especially in terms of the rear seats. However, the G70’s rear-seats can fold down, and that’ll give the car about 11 cu. ft. of cargo capacity. In any case, due to the price tag, the performance, and the luxury that the G70 offers, it makes a compelling case for anyone who’s looking for a brand-new luxury compact sedan.


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