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Energica Experia electric sport-touring motorcycle article highlights:

  • Italian electric motorcycle brand Energica just unveiled its first sport-touring model, the 2022 Experia
  • Its European test-cycle results give the Experia the longest range of any production electric motorcycle, as well as the largest battery capacity
  • The base 2022 Experia is more expensive than a Zero SR/S Premium, but it also has a longer range and more touring-focused features

It’s a constant refrain around electric cars and motorcycles: ‘what’s the range?’ For urban dwellers, plentiful charger access and short trips usually allay range anxiety. However, once you venture outside the city, say, on a sport-touring motorcycle, running out of juice becomes a concern worth addressing. But the new 2022 Energica Experia claims it’s got it covered.

The new Energica Experia electric sport-touring motorcycle has all the range

The side view of a gray-and-red 2022 Energica Experia with luggage on its center stand in the desert
2022 Energica Experia side | Energica
2022 Energica Experia
Electric motorLiquid-cooled permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor (PMASynRM)
Horsepower80 hp (continuous)
102 hp (peak)
Torque85 lb-ft
Gross/usable battery capacity22.5 kWh (gross)
19.6 kWh (usable)
Claimed range261 miles (city)
160 miles (mixed)
130 miles (highway)
Charging time40 minutes (0-80%, DC fast charge)
250 minutes (0-80%, Level 2)

Although several motorcycle companies offer street-legal electric bikes, only a handful of brands are EV-only. Italian company Energica is one of those few. And appropriately for an outgoing MotoE supplier, it mostly focuses on high-performance electric sportbikes and naked bikes like the Ego+ and Eva EsseEsse. I say ‘mostly’ because it just released its first sport-touring motorcycle, the 2022 Energica Experia.

However, this bike represents more than just an entry into a new segment for the brand. Chiefly, the Experia isn’t based on the company’s existing models. For one, it has a brand-new steel-trellis frame with different geometry as well as an aluminum swingarm and wheels. Secondly, Energica cut 22 pounds out of its PMASynRM motor and mounted it lower in the frame. Thus, it has a lower center of gravity for better handling. But arguably even more important are the battery updates.

Up until now, all Energica electric motorcycles used 21.5-kWh (gross) packs with 261-mile maximum city ranges and 153-mile mixed-riding ranges. The 2022 Experia, though, has a 22.5-kWh pack, the biggest of any production electric motorcycle, RevZilla says. While that doesn’t affect the claimed city range, Energica says the Experia goes farther in mixed riding.

Admittedly, these numbers are based on the European testing cycle, rather than the EPA one. However, they still give the 2022 Energica Experia the longest range of any production electric motorcycle. In addition, if you do run out of charge, like all Energica bikes, the Experia is compatible with DC fast-charging stations. So, should you find yourself recharging on the road, it won’t take too long to get riding again.

Besides range for days, the 2022 Experia has all the touring tech you need, too

A gray-and-red 2022 Energica Experia Launch Edition in the desert
2022 Energica Experia Launch Edition | Energica
2022 Energica Experia
Front suspension and travelFully-adjustable 43mm ZF Sachs inverted fork; 5.9”
Rear suspension and travelPreload- and extension-adjustable ZF Sachs monoshock; 8.1”
Seat height33.3″
Curb weight573 lbs
0-60 mph time3.5 seconds
Top speed112 mph

Speaking of riding, because the 2022 Energica Experia is a sport-touring motorcycle, it needs to prioritize long-distance comfort more than the brand’s other bikes. Hence why, in addition to the new platform, it has new bodywork designed for extra wind protection, as well as an adjustable windscreen. It also has an onboard lockable waterproof storage compartment with two USB ports. Furthermore, there are two more USB ports on the Experia’s 5″ full-color TFT dash.

The TFT display also lets you control the bike’s regenerative braking and traction control settings as well as flip between the rider modes. There are four regen levels, six traction control stages, and seven riding modes. In addition, the Experia has Brembo brakes with lean-sensitive ABS and a parking-assist feature that works in forward and reverse.

Because it’s a sport-touring motorcycle, Energica offers the 2022 Experia with optional hard-sided luggage. The Launch Edition, though, gets the pannier bags and top case as standard, as well as heated grips and red-detail cast-aluminum wheels. But these are likely just the start of an expansive future accessories catalog.

How does it compare to other touring electric motorcycles?

As of this writing, Energica hasn’t said how many Experia Launch Editions will be available. However, we do know that the base model starts at $23,250 and should arrive in dealerships within the next few months, Motorcyclist says. But if you want to put a deposit down, the order books are currently open.

Now, $23K might sound like a lot for a sport-touring motorcycle with the Experia’s specs. That’s more than the upcoming Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello‘s projected cost, and it has active aero. Also, if your idea of touring involves pounding gravel, a top-of-the-line 2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer is only $1000 more. However, it’s worth noting that no other company currently offers a dedicated sport-touring electric motorcycle.

Well, kind of. The Zero SR/S, with its fairing and saddlebag attachment points, can function as a touring bike, RevZilla says. And with a $22,695 starting price, the SR/S Premium is cheaper than the Experia. In addition, like the Experia, it’s one of Motorcyclist’s Best Electric Motorcycles for 2022.

But given it shares a platform with the SR/F streetfighter, it’s more of a practical sportbike than a true sport-tourer. Yet even with the $2895 Power Tank, the SR/S still has less battery capacity and a shorter range than Energica’s sport-tourer. Furthermore, Zero’s bikes aren’t fast-charger compatible.

In short, the Experia is sort of in a class by itself. You could say, then, that in making an electric sport-touring motorcycle, Energica has really expanded its range.

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