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2021 Honda CR-V Sport Hybrid
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The 2021 Honda CR-V Problems Edmunds Complains About Aren’t Really That Bad

The 2021 Honda CR-V is an affordable and family-focused SUV option, but even with everything that it has to offer, it isn't without its own flaws. For the price, many consumers will likely not be deterred by these costs as they are more like minor inconveniences.

The 2021 Honda CR-V, like many of the years before, is one of the more popular options for SUVs. It’s affordability and history of reliability make it a family-focused SUV option that many buyers can be confident in. But, for the price and options, it isn’t without it’s own problems, but like many other vehicles, these small problems are more of an annoyance than a concern, making it unlikely that they will deter many buyers from an otherwise well-rounded vehicle like the 2021 Honda CR-V.

The 2021 Honda CR-V touchscreen could be better

A honda cr-v sport hybrid
A Honda CR-V Sport hybrid | HECTOR RETAMAL, AFP, Getty Images

One of the more prominent complaints about the 2021 Honda CR-V is more of an inconvenience than a problem. According to Edmunds, the touchscreen infotainment system that gives the car many moderns features is also a bit ‘finicky’, making it slightly frustrating to use. Because there are no additional tuning knobs, drivers and the front passenger have to use the touchscreen exclusively, which can be frustrating while driving and focusing on the road. Consumer Reports agrees with this critique, commenting that the system is ‘fussy’ but specifying it as an issue on only the higher trim levels.

How much can the 2021 Honda CR-V tow?

Another complaint with the 2021 Honda CR-V is the truly underwhelming towing capacity, around 1,500 lbs, to be exact. While this is fine for some smaller tow-along like a pop-up tent, this is far shy from the towing capacity of other SUVs, making it a less than sufficient option for families looking to towing heavier loads more often. But, as a family vehicle, many drivers may be okay with the vehicle’s lackluster towing abilities as not every family is looking for an SUV with a stellar towing capacity.

The pros outweigh the cons, especially for the price

For many buyers, the MSRP of the 2021 Honda CR-V makes it a reasonable purchase for buying a family-friendly SUV brand new regardless of the smaller complaints. Regardless of these seemingly small issues, the CR-V is notorious for being a reliable option for many families, and with what it offers for the price, many buyers will find that these slightly annoying cons are heavily outweighed by the pros.

Many new cars for this affordable price do sacrifice some luxuries and capabilities that some other, more expensive vehicles do, but the more popular options, like the 2021 Honda CR-V work well to balance out these small deficiencies by providing buyers with many of the features that are looking for still.