2021 Camaro Beats Challenger and Mustang In This JD Power Ranking

Lately, the Chevy Camaro falls in last place in sales among the three remaining American muscle cars. While the Mustang has always had a somewhat comfortable lead the Dodge Challenger has leapfrogged over the Camaro for second place. While it may or may not be justified, that’s where we are at in 2021. But believe it or not, the 2021 Camaro has beaten both of those cars in one JD Power ranking. That category is build quality.

The 2021 Camaro tops the JD Power Consumer Quality list

The unreliable 2021 Chevrolet Camaro parked on a black-top surface.
The 2021 Chevy Camaro | Chevrolet

While it lags behind in the new muscle car sales it tops the JD Power Consumer Quality list. That should make it a point of pride for Chevy along with what the Camaro has become. For it equals or beats the Challenger and Mustang in many categories. It sometimes gets a bad rap for being in third place in sales.

Chevy has always kept the Camaro current except for those few years when there was no Camaro. It is the newest generation of the three making its debut as a 2016 model. In fact, there have been two Camaro generations developed during the long life of the Challenger. Unfortunately, it looks like this sixth generation will be the last one at least for now. 

JD Power results come from owner input

The JD Power results come from owner input so it holds some good cred. It received a score of 87 which beat by a slim margin the Mustang’s score of 86 and Challenger’s 85. Besides this win, the Camaro beat out all 2021 sports cars, too. 

The Camaro was in the mid-size muscle car segment for JD Power scoring. But in an overall ranking, it beat everything in both the compact sporty category and premium sporty car category. The Hyundai Veloster won the compact group receiving a score of 80 while the Porsche 911 topped in premium with a 79. Both are substantially behind the Camaro’s 87 scores. 

Rumors persist that the Camaro may end production soon

2021 Camaro | GM

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Rumors persist that we may be at the end of the Camaro brand. Sales last year were a dismal 29,775. That was almost a 40% drop from 2019. Granted, 2020 was a bad year for car sales due to COVID-19, but neither the Mustang nor Challenger saw sales drops like this. The Mustang sold over 60,000 vehicles in 2020 while the Challenger saw sales of almost 53,000. So Camaro sales are half of what the Mustang does. 

Many believe that with GM’s focus on electrification and autonomous driving it can’t be bothered with the Camaro. The thinking is that the Camaro’s assembly plant in Lansing, Michigan, could be put to better use for an upcoming new electric GM model. GM’s Lansing Grand River plant is the only plant that builds the Camaro. It is also the second-newest US assembly plant under the GM umbrella. The Cadillac CT5 and CT4 sedans.