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The 2020 Lincoln Continental wasn’t the Ford-owned marque’s only sedan casualty of that year; the Lincoln MKZ also drove off into the sunset. Further, the luxury sedan vanishing act left the brand’s lineup with an SUV-only landscape. So, how do the two used Lincoln sedans stack up against each other in 2023?

What was the last year of the Lincoln Continental?

In 2020, Lincoln discontinued the Continental just four model years into its 10th generation. However, the long-body Continental wasn’t the only Lincoln model to disappear in 2020; the luxury Ford brand also discontinued the MKZ, another of its posh sedans. 

As a result of the restructured lineup, the iconic American brand’s lineup is devoid of sedans. In 2023, Lincoln produced just four SUV models: Aviator, Corsair, Nautilus, and Navigator. 

Is the 2020 Lincoln Continental bigger than the MKZ?

An 2020 Lincoln MKZ displays its leather interior and infotainment screen.
An MKZ interior | Ford

The 2020 Lincoln Continental rides on a long-legged version of the Ford CD4 platform, which it shares with the now-discontinued Fusion. As a result, the Continental is longer, wider, and heavier than the CD3-platform MKZ.

2020 ModelLengthWidthWeight
Continental FWD201.4 inches75.3 inches4,224 lbs
Continental AWD201.4 inches75.3 inches4,396 lbs
MKZ FWD194.1 inches73.4 inches3.739 lbs
MKZ AWD194.1 inches73.4 inches3,900 lbs

What are the engine options for the 2020 Lincoln MKZ?

A white 2020 Lincoln MKZ drives down city streets.
2020 Lincoln MKZ | Ford

The 2020 Lincoln MKZ packs a standard 245-horsepower turbo 2.0L inline-four-cylinder engine. Even worse for spirited drivers, the Hybrid Reserve trim cruises with an anemic 188-horsepower naturally aspirated four-cylinder mill. 

However, the Lincoln powers that were saw fit to install an optional twin-turbo V6 mill with a mighty 400 horsepower in the AWD platform. Still, the larger, more opulent Continental also offers the twin-turbo 3.0L V6 with the same 400 ponies. Of course, even the Continental’s base 3.7L V6 is nowhere near the fuel efficiency figures of the MKZ Hybrid Reserve; the green MKZ variant could manage an EPA-estimated 41 mpg combined. 

How much is a 2020 Lincoln Continental?

A white 2020 Lincoln Continental drives on urban roads.
2020 Lincoln Continental | Ford

Is a 2020 Lincoln Continental Worth It in 2023?

Despite the 2020 Lincoln Continental’s near-$50,000-starting point, the large luxury sedan has depreciated into attainable territory. 

2020 ModelFair purchase price
Continental Standard$29,953
Continental Reserve$35,255
Continental Black Label $46,502

Unsurprisingly, the more diminutive MKZ is even more affordable, with the Hybrid Reserve still averaging under $30,000, per KBB.  

2020 ModelFair purchase price
MKZ Standard$25,169
MKZ Reserve$27,688
MKZ Reserve Hybrid$28,898

Why did Lincoln discontinue Continental?

Lincoln discontinued the Continental and MKZ in 2020 to focus on more profitable vehicle segments, like large and midsize SUVs. Ford also stopped the production of the Fusion, a comparably workaday sibling to the Lincoln luxury sedans, in 2020.

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