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The Ford Edge is a solid midsize SUV. But like other vehicles, some Edge model years are worse than others. For instance, specific 2017 Edge SUVs have an expensive engine problem that’s frustrating drivers. Here’s why these Ford Edge owners have been paying over $5,000 to fix a “really awful” issue. 

2017 Ford Edge owners have complained about 1 major problem

2017 Ford Edge owners complain
2017 Ford Edge | Ford Motor Company

2017 Ford Edge owners haven’t reported many issues with this model year to The site shows only 76 problems. That pales compared to the 650 problems owners have reported regarding the 2013 Edge. Still, the site lists the 2017 model year as the worst.

There’s one good reason for that, and it concerns the SUV’s coolant leaking into the cylinders. Many reports of this issue have occurred in 2023; there were also quite a few in 2022. That likely has to do with the fact that, on average, owners experienced this problem after logging over 70,000 miles on their Edge.

As a result, if they bought a brand-new Edge in 2017, they only began experiencing this problem now. This issue appears to be common and well-documented. Although a few dozen owners reported this issue to, many more reported it to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Many of those reports to the NHTSA have happened in 2023 as well. 

2017 Ford Edge owners say the engine problem is expensive to fix

The scenario is about the same for most 2017 Ford Edge owners. After driving their car for a few years, the check engine light comes on. Sometimes, the symptoms are more concerning when white, foul-smelling smoke comes from the exhaust. A few owners have reported that their SUV lost power, forcing them to pull over. Unsurprisingly, considers this problem “really awful” due to its severity. 

When these Ford Edge owners have taken their SUVs to dealerships for repairs, they’ve gotten an eye-opening surprise. The problem of the coolant leaking into the cylinders is expensive because the most common solution is replacing the engine. On average, owners were quoted almost $6,000, but others were told $7,000, and an unlucky few got a repair quote of nearly $10,000. 

Unhappy owners want a recall

Furious Edge owners claim the automaker is aware of this engine problem and has rectified it in subsequent models. Still, Ford hasn’t issued a recall or compensated owners who have paid out of pocket to resolve the problem, an owner from Kansas claims. That driver is a grandparent on a fixed income, and they still owe $10,000 on their Edge.

After encountering this issue in August 2023, they were told they needed to pay $7,500 to replace the engine. Given the circumstances, they concluded their complaint by saying, “We will never buy another Ford!”

A Ford Edge owner from Illinois filed a complaint about the same issue in July 2023. They also ended their report by adding, “This is beyond anything I have experienced in all my years of owning cars. I will never buy another Ford.”