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Many people nowadays own vehicles, and almost half the number of motorists drive SUVs due to their reliability. One of the most reputable automakers in the market is the Ford Motor Company, which has made countless high-quality SUVs, such as the Edge.

At some point, every vehicle needs to be repaired due to developing problems. However, some Ford Edge model years face more maintenance issues than others. So, what are some of the worst used Edge years on CarComplaints?

1. 2007 Ford Edge

Having a good transmission isn’t one of the 2007 Ford Edge’s strengths. Numerous owners have complained about hearing a loud roar from the rear wheel. On average, this happens after the vehicle has been used for 49,850 miles and is caused by faulty rear bearings. Repairing this requires the bearings to be replaced, costing about $940 to fix. This is also the Edge’s most common problem.

In addition to having faulty bearings, the vehicle’s Power Transfer Units (PTUs) fail just shortly after the vehicle has been in use for more than 95,000 miles. Replacing the PTU costs, on average, $2,820. Also, this Edge’s coil packs burn up often after it has been used for 101,400 miles, and repairing the coil packs costs about $2,270.

2. 2008 Ford Edge

Like the previous model year, the 2008 Edge has a couple of transmission issues. After being in use for 80,850 miles, many Edge SUVs have been reported to have transmission failure. For the 2008 Edge, this is the most common problem. When this happens, the transmission will have to be replaced at a cost of about $2,870.

Next, this Edge’s engine has been reported to either stall or cut out after being used for about 57,100 miles. Repairing this issue requires replacing the engine, which averages $2,330. At around the 41,000-mile mark, some vehicle parts may start surging and hesitating. When this happens, the cam phasers must be replaced, costing the owner about $2,600 to repair.

3. 2013 Ford Edge

Having recorded the most complaints, the 2013 Ford Edge model is possibly the least reliable. After being used for 57,050 miles on average, the vehicle’s door-ajar light stays on even when the door is already locked. This is the most common problem for the 2013 model year, costing $410 to fix.

On top of that, the vehicle’s brakes often become unresponsive after it has been used for 85,600 miles. Repairing this problem will require the owner to replace the brake boosters. According to CarComplaints, this will cost $1,350.

Like the 2008 model, this Edge’s engine sometimes stalls or shuts down while driving, which risks the lives of the vehicle’s driver and other passengers. Replacing the throttle body has proven to stop this and costs $390.

4. 2015 Ford Edge

A yellow/gold Ford Edge midsize SUV model presented at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland
The Ford Edge midsize SUV | Matthew Lloyd/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The 2015 model has the most unusual problem among all the Edge models. After 33,550 miles, most owners realize a crack in the vehicle’s roof glass without the vehicle being damaged at all. Replacing the glass costs its owners $1,340. This is the most common problem with most of the 2015 Ford Edges. Moreover, this Edge often experiences complete electrical failure after being used for just 13,800 miles, costing $1,600 to repair.

Many Ford Edge models have been reported to have died while driving, and the 2015 model is no different. After only being used for 11,300 miles, the vehicle’s engine may shut down when it is on the road. This is fixed by replacing the electric throttle body, which may cost up to $500. Therefore, it would be wise to consider other Edge model years or SUV rivals with less costly maintenance issues.

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