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There’s a small pickup surge across the entire automotive industry. From the Hyundai Santa Cruz to the Ford Maverick, easy-to-drive, affordable, compact pickups are all the wave. Before its revival a few years ago, the Ford Ranger was much smaller. Now competing in the midsize pickup truck segment, the Ranger of old was a tiny, popular pickup with some spunk. You’d be surprised at how popular these old models remain today. So popular that CarMax is charging more for a 2010 Ford Ranger than the price of a brand new Ford Maverick.

CarMax is charging how much for a 2010 Ford Ranger?

2010 Ford Ranger from CarMax costs more than a brand new Ford maverick pickup truck
2010 Ford Ranger | CarMax

CarMax is putting a hefty upcharge on many vehicles like dealerships and private sellers everywhere. No different is a 2010 Ford Ranger pickup truck. Usually, well-kept, low mileage older models will sell for a pretty penny; that’s nothing new. While this Ranger is low mileage, it isn’t tremendously low, and we don’t think it’s worth this much. A 2010 Ford Ranger with 83,452 on the odometer is listed for $22,998.

A base model 2022 Ford Maverick costs $21,490, while an upgraded XLT model with a few extras is $23,855. We’re used to seeing markups and outrageous prices in 2022 with the current market, but really CarMax? Whichever lucky person decides to buy the 2010 Ranger will effectively pay more for a 12-year-old pickup with over 83,000 miles than if they would have purchased a brand new Maverick.

What’s so good about the 2010 Ford Ranger?

A 2010 Ford Ranger from CarMax costs more than a new Ford Maverick pickup truck
2010 Ford Ranger | CarMax

One of the most interesting parts about the pricing choice is that it’s a fairly basic Ranger. This model is an XLT with a four-cylinder engine, cloth interior seats, and an aftermarket head unit. The Drive highlighted its ‘luxury’ features as cruise control, air conditioning, and alloy wheels. That’s not enough to get us excited in 2010, let alone 2022.

The 2010 Ford Ranger is an excellent pickup truck that a niche group of people absolutely love. That’s part of the reason CarMax knows it can list this model for such a high price. To put it into perspective, it doesn’t just cost more than a new Ford Maverick; it costs more than it did in 2010 from a dealership lot. With two-wheel drive, this particular model started around $21,000 brand new. Additionally, it uses an automatic transmission, which is the opposite of what most people buying these trucks want.

CarMax isn’t the only seller charging more for used than new

This specific instance is outrageous and is enough to make your blood boil. However, it isn’t entirely out of the ordinary. Dealerships, private sellers, and just about anyone else you can buy a car from are charging similarly. While most vehicles will still be more reasonably priced, rare, highly in-demand cars will always be tremendously overpriced. In rare cases, new cars are even being marked up if there’s enough demand.

In conclusion, it isn’t a great time to buy a car. If you have to buy one anyway, try to avoid rare and highly in-demand vehicles like this low mileage 2010 Ford Ranger. CarMax is charging more for the used Ranger than the cost of a brand new Ford Maverick. That doesn’t sit right with us.


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