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There could be another truck recall on the way. The Ram HD is currently sitting under the microscope to see if 188,000 models need to be officially recalled. See why the 2022 Ram HD lineup might have significant transmission issues. 

Does the 2022 Ram HD lineup have transmission problems? 

Maybe, that’s what the National Highway Traffic And Safety Administration (NHSTA) is currently trying to figure out by launching an investigation involving about 188,000 2022 Ram Heavy-Duty models. 

The Ram 3500, 4500, and 5500 could be at risk. Plus, upfitted vehicles like ambulances and emergency response vehicles could b included. 

According to TFL Truck, the NHstA received 82 complaints about transmission issues related to the K1 snap ring found inside the Aisin six-speed AS69RC automatic transmission. 

Basically, the snap ring could disable the first through fourth gears of the truck. If the snap ring fails, it could become displaced rendering the first through fourth gears inoperable. But the fifth gear and reverse still operate as normal. 

But the truck is still mostly unusable and 16 drivers reported that they lost power at speeds above 25 mpg and their trucks never resumed normal operation. 

The 2022 Ram 2500 off-roading
2022 Ram 2500 | Stellantis

Stellantis is aware of the issue, but may not have done enough to correct it. Stellantis issued a service bulletin (TSB-21-002-23) and told the NHSTA about it. Also, Stellantis conducted a dynamometer and field testing to diagnose the problem. 

The service bulletin instructs technicians to replace the K1 clutch drum snap ring and possibly the K1 input shaft assembly if necessary. 

Customers may notice that their malfunction indicator lamp is illuminated if this problem occurs. Also, technicians may receive the P073-00 diagnostic trouble code for Gear Shift 1 incorrect ratio. 

The NHSTA investigation is still in the early stages. There isn’t a recall related to this transmission problem for Ram HD trucks yet. Plus, a recall may not occur based on what they find. 

Stellantis could also issue a recall. But recalls often involve getting parts replaced at no charge to customers, and it would be pressured to cover the costs for those who have already had their snap ring replaced. Stay tuned for updates.