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The world regards Toyota cars as being among the best and most reliable on the market. However, no automaker is perfect. Though less than some of its rivals, Toyota has some real stinkers that the company would probably prefer the car-buying public forget. One is the Toyota Echo, and the other is the first-generation Toyota Prius.

Here is a look into two of the worst Toyota cars to ever hit the market.

The Toyota Echo is among the worst Toyota cars

Toyota Echo
Toyota Echo | Toyota

The Toyota Echo was part of an effort to bring younger buyers to the automaker. While the car was a success in terms of sales, it has gone down in history as one of the worst Toyota cars. Of course, the obvious reason is its exterior appearance. The Echo has a weird shape that was unpleasant at the time but now hasn’t aged the best. It’s clear to see the design team wanted something outside the box, but perhaps they went too far.

What also makes this among the worst Toyota cars is how bare the standard features list was. For example, the original models had features such as power steering, air conditioning, and clocks as options instead of standard. According to CarsGuide, power steering didn’t become a standard feature until late 2002.

One of the other problems the Toyota Echo has is its interior. It seats five people but mostly uses cheap plastics and low-grade fabrics. Additionally, the speedometer and gas gauge are on the center stack and not behind the steering wheel. Though sales were initially high, the car-buying public lost interest by the time Toyota stopped making the Echo in 2005.

The first-gen Toyota Prius is also bad

The first-gen Toyota Prius is among the worst Toyota cars
Toyota Prius | Toyota

The Toyota Prius has experienced a drastic shift in public opinion. Starting with its second generation, many people began to see the car as revolutionary. However, the Prius started from less than humble beginnings. Not only did people hate the way the car looked, but it was also too small for most families and didn’t provide very much room for people to stretch out and get comfortable.

The first-gen Toyota Prius is also one of the worst Toyota cars because it didn’t live up to its promised fuel economy. It was supposed to average 45 miles per gallon in the city and 52 MPG on the highway, but most drivers didn’t get close to that. Not only that, but it has nearly the same price tag as some of the more attractive and spacious sedans of the time.

As mentioned, no automaker gets it right all the time. However, what’s great is that even the worst Toyota cars show why so many people trust the brand. The Toyota Prius and the Toyota Echo may have been undesirable vehicles, but they aren’t nearly as bad as the low points of some other automakers.

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