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Drivers have been accessorizing trucks for as long as trucks have existed. Today’s market is full of accessories you can get for your truck right from the manufacturer or dealer. Automakers collaborate with other brands to offer accessories that you know will work for your truck and come with a warranty. Many Toyota Tundra accessories are available when you order your pickup, some of which are valuable, and some…not so much.

Here are two Toyota Tundra accessories that aren’t worth your money and three that are.

Toyota Tundra accessories that aren’t worth it

Universal Tablet Holder — $99

You can’t get a rear entertainment system in the 2023 Toyota Tundra, but you can get a universal tablet holder as an accessory. It mounts to the back of the front seats with an adjustable pivoting, tilting bracket, and spring-loaded arms to hold your device.

That’s fine, but tablet holders like this one are widely available at much lower prices. A quick search on Amazon shows many options with good reviews for under $20. This accessory for the Tundra probably works as advertised, but we wouldn’t recommend spending this much on a tablet holder.

Quick Charge Cable Package — $70

This option package comes with a dual USB phone charger that plugs into a 12V outlet, a 3-foot and 6-foot Lightning USB cable, and a 3-foot USB-C to USB-A cable. This option has the same problem as the tablet holder; you can buy all of that stuff on Amazon or any electronics store for much less money.

Also, the Tundra already has USB ports in the center console and behind it (if so equipped). These odds and ends, which you might already own, simply aren’t worth $70.

Accessories that are worth a look

All-Weather Floor Liner Package — $179

All-weather floor liners are a popular option in trucks and SUVs. If you’re planning on getting muddy or if you just live in a snowy climate, this is a small expense that goes a long way in keeping your interior clean. They’re easy to install, remove, and clean, and we love that they’re made in the U.S.A.

There are good aftermarket all-weather floor liners from brands like WeatherTech, but the Toyota ones have stylish “Tundra” branding to match your truck’s interior.

Running boards — $710-$1,205

Various running boards are available for the Tundra with different levels of style and functionality. The most affordable ones are simple black running boards, and they’re available in silver for an extra $20. The Predator Steps have a rugged drop step design, and the TRD cast aluminum running boards add a sleek and sporty look enhancing the truck’s contours. 

Running boards make trucks easier to get in and out of, especially for kids. We love to see so much variety in running boards available straight from Toyota.

Go Rhino XRS Overland Rack — $1,620

The available Go Rhino XRS Overland Rack adds a lot of versatility to the capable Toyota Tundra. It’s a robust and stable platform you can use to mount tents, bicycles, kayaks, or just about anything else you need to enjoy the outdoors. The textured black powder coat finish adds to its durability and premium aesthetic.

This overland rack isn’t cheap, but its pricing is on par with premium offerings for similar products for the Tundra. With this one, you know you’re getting a perfect rack for your truck.


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