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The BMW 2 Series entered a new generation for the 2022 model year, and since, enthusiasts have been highly anticipating the arrival of its hottest iteration, the M2. The wait is now over. The 2023 BMW M2 will soon be hitting dealerships, subsequently thrashing back roads with aplomb. All signs point to the M2 living up to its expectations, but at least two flies are in the ointment.

How the 2023 BMW M2 stacks up

A red 2023 BMW M2 speeding down a track with storm clouds in the background.
2023 BMW M2 | BMW

The base BMW 230i and more powerful M240i 2 Series models are no slouches offering 255 hp and 382 hp, respectively. The M2 seriously ups the ante with its turbocharged inline-six — the same engine as the M4 — cranking out 453 hp and 406 lb.-ft. of torque. Coupled with an M-tuned suspension and chassis enhancements like BMW’s Active M Differential, a standard six-speed manual, rear-wheel drive, a 10-mode traction control, drift analyzer feature, and, just for good measure, some more dramatic styling. The M2 certainly raises the pulse.

The M2 will zip from 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds with the six-speed manual, BMW claims, while the eight-speed M Steptronic automatic cuts that figure to 3.9 ticks. Opt for the M Driver’s Package, and the new M2 will top out at 177 mph.

The 2023 BMW M2’s weight and gauges are downsides

The 2023 M2 sports larger dimensions overall. It’s four inches longer than the previous model, and its width and wheelbase are also slightly larger. The added dimensions have forced the M2 to pack on some pounds – just under 200 lbs to be more precise. That’s no insignificant figure considering the 2022 M2 wasn’t exactly a lightweight.

Edmunds‘ review also bemoans the loss of traditional analog gauges in the new M2. The 2023 Beemer’s cabin has gone all digital with dual displays in the dash, causing the M2 to lose “one of the last vestiges of a traditional BMW.” This could seem like nitpicking, but many of BMW’s faithful following are known to bemoan the loss of traditionality.  

It appears the M2 shares a flaw that can be found in almost all of BMW’s lineup of performers — lackluster steering feel. Edmunds notes the M2’s rack “doesn’t provide much feedback, and that makes it tough to gauge how much traction the front tires have.”

Still impressive performance from the 2023 M2

While some attention was given to its flaws, how does the BMW M2 perform on the road? Edmunds’ review heaps praise on the new-gen mini-M. The review notes the new 2023 BMW M2 is far more “composed” than its predecessor thanks to its adaptive suspension. It also heralds the M2’s powerplant, which is 20 hp down on the M4 but delivers serious thrills just the same. The review calls the S58 unit “a real gem,” allowing the M2 to feel “both burly and refined.”

Ultimately, Edmunds believes the 2023 M2 is likely a future classic, and it feels like a modern, street-legal Group 5 BMW 320. However, there are at least two noted flaws.

The 2023 BMW M2’s flaws are far from reason enough to dismiss the 2023 M2. The review notes the new-gen’s improved stability and increased power practically negate the M2’s flaws, and when one of the biggest complaints is the loss of analog gauges, “you know BMW has cooked up something special.”

Those interested in giving the 2023 M2 a go will soon have their chance. It’s expected to begin hitting dealerships and driveways this month.


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