10 Kids Motorcycles Your Little One Will Be Thrilled to Ride

Regarding motorcycles, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha and Suzuki are some of the biggest names out there. Each brand designs gasoline-powered or electric dirt bikes for adults, but not so much for kids. However, that’s changed a little because several bikes and ATVs are available now to meet the needs of any skilled or beginner youth rider. Let’s look at the ten best kids’ models that will introduce the fun of the ride to them. 

Children on kids motorcycles riding.
Kids riding motorcycles | Getty Images

1. Irone12

This bike is geared toward 3 to 5-year-olds with little to no experience riding bikes. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and three power modes that allow it to top out at 5 mph to 9 mph, depending on which drive selection you use. Powering it up is a 20V battery, which gives the child approximately 30 to 60 minutes of playtime. You can expect to pay around $799 for it. 

2. Brushless Irone16

For $1,049, you can get a bike that’s perfect for 5 to 7-year-olds that weigh less than 75 lbs. It matches best with kids that have some experience with balance bikes. You’ll get an adjustable seat and tapered footrest, which will help make the child’s ride comfortable. Like the Irone12, it has three drive modes, but this bike tops out at 13 mph if you use the Advanced Green mode, according to Harley Davidson.

3. eFTR: an Indian brand kids motorcycle

This Indian brand bike comes in two different sizes, the Mini and the Jr. The Mini is priced at $514.99 and comes with an 18.4-inch seat height, a steel tube frame with a maximum weight of 140 lbs, and works well with kids eight years and older. 

The Jr. model starts at $824.99 and can handle kids up to 175 lbs. It maxes out at 15 mph in the highest speed mode, and you can get 140 minutes of run time on the battery if you use it at lower speeds, according to Indian Motorcycle’s website. 

4. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric

This bike is great for kids about seven years or older. It’s powered by a battery that produces 1.5 hp and can run for approximately 30 minutes on one charge. The bike has a fully automatic throttle and goes up to a top speed of 14 mph. You’ll find the brake is left-hand operated, which will only affect the rear wheel. Pricing begins at $379.99.

5. Rosso Motors F1 eRacer Pocket Bike

For $357, you get an eRacer that runs on a 36V battery along with a 1 kW motor, allowing it to top out around 16 mph, but it’s rated to get around 20 mph. It also has a disc brake system for both front and rear wheels, which are controlled by both the left and right handlebar levers. The Razor Pocket Bike is meant for off-roading, which is perfect for riding around the yard, driveway, or bike trails. 

6. V-Fire 40cc Gas Pocket Bike

The cheapest kids motorcycle on the list is the V-Fire 40cc Gas Pocket Bike, coming in around $309. This one isn’t electric like the others. It runs on gasoline with a 40cc 4-stroke motor that can get you a range of approximately 26 miles on a full gas tank. It can reach up to 20 to 25 mph, so it’s geared more for the older kids. 

7. Stacyc 12eDrive a fun kids motorcycle

This Harley-Davidson sub-brand is a true introductory bike for kids five and up and is a big seller for the brand. If your child wants to learn the basics of motorcycle riding in youth form, this bike is the answer. It comes in four driving modes, one of which is non-powered to help them learn to get the hang of it. The 12eDrive tops out at nine mph, and you’ll get about 60 minutes of run time on a single charge. The price begins at $799.

8. Yamaha PW50 

Backed by Yamaha durability and reliability, this bike offers a great experience for kids serious about riding. With a lightweight frame and rugged suspension, this bike will handle some of the best trails out there, so be sure your child’s ready for it before spending the $1,699. 

9. Honda CRG50F

This is another bike for the serious learner with a price tag of $1,649. The Honda CRG50F has a 49cc air-cooled engine that produces 3 hp and is paired with a 3-speed clutch-less transmission. Its electric starter enables the child to focus on perfecting their balance, shifting, and braking without worrying about the operation of the bike, according to Best Beginner Motorcycles.

10. Suzuki DR-Z50 is an excellent kids motorcycles

The most expensive kids’ motorcycle on the list is the Suzuki DR-Z50, which has a price tag of $2,209. This bike is a great introduction to dirt biking, which will allow the child to hone their skills in balancing and braking. Suzuki’s bike is powered by a 50cc engine and can handle a fast ride over yards, fields, trails, and driveways. 

Unlike the others on the list, this one has a carburetor, which will help the child learn about choking the engine when needed. Also, this bike has an electric start and a kickstart, so it can be powered up whichever way your kid feels like starting it. 

Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki make some of the world’s fastest dirt bikes on the market, but they’ve toned down a few models to match the needs of kids looking for a thrilling ride. Each kid’s motorcycle has unique features that match just about any situation you have with your child, whether they’re new to biking or have some experience under their belt. 

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