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With automakers working to phase out gasoline-powered vehicles, more electric powertrains are coming onto the market. However, few people are ready to take the plunge to go all-electric. That’s why more hybrids are available. A PHEV is a significant step toward an EV if you’re not ready to take the plunge just yet. It’s the same as a hybrid, except you get to plug it in and don’t have to wait for the engine to recharge it as you drive. 

Which ones have driving ranges over 30 miles? Let’s look at 10 of them. 

1. Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV

The Hyundai Santa FE’s PHEV model is a turbocharged four-cylinder and an electric motor producing around 261 hp combined. That’s interesting since it’s about 76 hp more than the standard gasoline-powered version. When it comes to fuel economy, you’ll be pleased to hear that it gets a reported 76 MPGe, and 31 miles of driving range on the electric powertrain only. 

2. BMW X5 xDrive45e PHEV

According to Car and Driver, the power output on the xDrive45e is 389 hp and rated to get around 50 MPGe, which is a few more than the publication got when testing it. As far as electric driving range goes, the manufacturer claims you can get about 31 miles, but Car and Driver only got 25 miles. 

3. Kia Sorento PHEV

Kia offers some pretty great SUVs, but its Sorento PHEV provides impressive fuel economy ratings over the brand’s gas-powered models. For example, with its all-wheel drivetrain, the Telluride only makes about 21 mpg combined. The Sorento’s plug-in hybrid version runs on a powertrain producing 261 hp. With this setup, you can expect to get 79 MPGe, and when it comes to an all-electric driving range, you’ll get around 32 miles on a single charge. 

4. Chrysler Pacifica PHEV

Chrysler’s Pacifica has a plug-in hybrid model, which few people know about. With its 16 kWh battery pack, running in tandem with a 3.6-liter V6 engine producing 260 hp, the minivan/crossover mix can get up to 82 MPGe. One big bonus of this version is that the battery can be recharged within 2 hours on a 240-volt charger, which is helpful when preparing for a long journey. Regarding driving range, the Pacifica can hold its own with an average of 32 miles. 

5. Hyundai Tucson PHEV

One of the most impressive PHEVs on the market is the Hyundai Tucson. Under the hood is a hybrid setup, which can produce approximately 261 hp combined. A six-speed automatic transmission is paired with it, which helps its ride quality and ability to get up to 80 MPGe. When it comes to the driving range on the electric powertrain, you can expect to go a total of 33 miles on a single charge. 

6. Kia Sportage PHEV

A silver Kia Sportage, an excellent plug-in hybrid (PHEV).
Kia Sportage | Getty Images Photographed by Michael Nagle

According to Edmunds, Kia’s Sportage plug-in hybrid model runs on a 1.6-liter Inline-four cylinder engine paired with an electric motor and a six-speed automatic transmission. This hybrid setup offers 84 MPGe and 34 miles of driving range. Unlike other plug-in hybrid models, the Sportage no longer qualifies for the federal tax credit.

7. Ford Escape PHEV

The Ford Escape PHEV model runs on an Inline-four cylinder engine combined with an electric motor. That combination allows the SUV to produce approximately 221 hp and is paired with a continuously variable automatic transmission. As far as mileage is concerned, the Escape can get you around 105 MPGe, and 37 miles of driving range. If you add the gasoline into the mix, the SUV can reportedly get you 520 miles. 

8. Lexus NX 450h+ PHEV

The Lexus NX 450h+ model is the highest trim available in the lineup, which is not surprising since it’s the most luxurious and the quickest when it comes to performance. The hybrid powertrain is the same setup as the Toyota RAV4 Prime, except it doesn’t quite have the same power. On the NX450h+, you get 84 MPGe, compared to Prime’s 94 MPGe, and can run 550 miles with its gas/electric powertrain (600 on the Prime). The driving range for the Lexus version gets you 37 miles. 

9. Toyota RAV4 Prime

Toyota’s RAV4 Prime offers some of the best features in its class, including a hybrid powertrain that generates approximately 302 hp. While it gets 10 MPGe more than the Lexus NX 450h+ it outshines many of its PHEV rivals with the 42-mile driving range when using the electric-only mode. 

10.Karma GS-6 Sport PHEV (and Revero GT)

Out of the electric trio of the GSe-6 (all-electric model), the GS-6, and the Revero GT, you get some impressive electric powertrains. The GS-6 is the eco-mode version, and it offers a powertrain that produces a whopping 536 hp, while the Revero GT, much like the GS-6, reportedly will generate a jaw-dropping 1,100 hp. The GS-6 offers 70 MPGe for fuel economy and 61 miles of electric-only driving range. 

With this list of 10 great PHEVs on the market, you are armed with enough knowledge to determine which model has what you need. Whether you need great fuel economy or looking for an impressive driving range, any of these versions will provide you with plenty of value. 


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