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A study found that in 2023, Ram truck drivers were involved in more dangerous incidents per capita than drivers of any other make of automobile. Not good looks! But when you break the numbers down by categories such as the number of DUIs ore crashes, BMW and Tesla pull ahead of Ram. Who has the best drivers per capita? Mercury.

Lending Tree is a marketplace that offers multiple loan options to car and truck buyers. It analyzed insurance data to rank the drivers of 30 automotive brands between November 2022 and November 2023. It analyzed the number of incidents (which included accidents, DUIs, and speeding citations) per 1,000 drivers of each brand. I’d say this method actually gave Ram an advantage, because households that have a Ram work truck on their insurance that they rarely drive may have helped reduce the number of incidents/driver. Someone who has a BMW insured, on the other hand, is probably putting miles on it with their daily commute.

So here’s the key finding: Ram drivers nationwide were involved in 32.90 incidents/1,000 drivers. This is the combined number of accidents, DUIs, and speeding citations. The overall runner-up was Subaru (30.09). Mercury had just 15.82/1,000 drivers.

The aftermarket rims under a lifted white Ram pickup truck parked in a lot.
Ram 2500 | Wirestock via iStockPhoto

When Lending Tree broke these numbers down by state, they found Ram had the worst drivers in 23 states. Massachusetts led the country with 64.44 Ram driver incidents/1,000 Ram drivers. But in 11 states, Tesla drivers suffered the most incidents.

Ram drivers did not have the most DUIs. Ram drivers did get 1.72 DUIs/1,000 drivers last year. But BMW had almost twice this amount: 3.13/1,000 drivers. Ram drivers also didn’t get in the most accidents. Nationwide, Tesla drivers had 23.54 accidents/1,000 drivers. Again, Ram came in second place with 22.76 accidents/1,000 drivers.

Ram drivers did lead the country in speeding incidents: 4.42/1,000 drivers. What about citations (for either speeding or causing accidents)? Ram drivers came in fifth place, receiving 8 citations/1,000 drivers. While this isn’t a great number, its the lowest rank of any category for Ram. Perhaps Ram drivers are especially good at talking themselves out of a ticket.

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